Wood YoYo setup (TMBR Fremont)

Hi all!

A few days ago I got my new TMBR Fremont, it looks and feels awesome!

Now I do have some questions.

I have tried making the yoyo a little less responsive while still double looping the string around the axle.
I did this with an other yoyo string, wrapping it around the axle and pulling it up and down.

This seems to help, but just a little, when turning one side, the yoyo is responsive and doesn’t spin at all.
When turning the other side (catching the yoyo and throwing again) the yoyo is spinning but not that responsive, when it is spinning slower it is hard to get it back to my hand.

Do you have tips for setting it up correctly? Is there a way to correct this behaviour? And when it is to unresponsive what should I do to make it more responsive?

Try this: get a hubstack oring and place it on the axle as a spacer. Then, on the same side as the oring, apply a Duncan friction sticker. Play until the sticky stuff wears off the sticker then leave it in.

If you feel that gap is too big, you can always sand down the axle sleeve.

Remember, string tension plays a big role in the responsiveness of a fixed axle throw.

You are using cotton string, right?

At this moment I don’t have a Duncan friction sticker, but I will look for them!

Do you have other tips?

I’m using cotton.

That is a natural occurrence. Here’s a note on that from elsewhere:

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That’s right! I remember that now, never thought of it before :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been practicing but I still do have some problems, I can hardly do a trapeze, after doing the trapeze the yoyo can’t come back to my hand, there isn’t enough response…

And when it stops spinning the only thing I can do to wind it up again is doing so by hand. Which than messes up the string tension…I tried snap start en other techniques but none give it enough spin to come back.

How do you guys deal with this?

I think you mean there isn’t enough spin rather than response to make it return. Fixing that part is in practice and improving your throw. As for rewind, a lot of people use the snap start. I’ve never been able to get that down and rewind by hand.

That’s true but it slows down really fast, can anything be done against this?

Is the axle damaged? Is there something in the gap? Maybe you could provide photos or a video that shows the issue. I’m lost on what the problem could be.

There probably isn’t really a problem, just the fact that I can’t do any long tricks, even after a trapeze the speed is to low to get the yoyo back.

Maybe it just the difficulty of wood, but having seen a video of someone doing all these trick makes me think I’m doing something wrong…

You say you double loop the axle? Because if you do that it won’t have an spin time.

Yes, double looping will make it more responsive.

Yes I double loop, but otherwise I can’t get it to return, hmm…

Single loop, add a worn friction sticker.

I think this will be the best option, will try!