TMBR Turner response help


I got a TMBR Turner and sometimes its completely unresponsive, I want to do fun fixed stuff like throw loops into my combos and more reliable stalls but sometimes it just won’t return help!!!


You can put on Duncan friction stickers or silicone stickers. A more extreme solution is to shorten the axle sleeve slightly using fine grit sandpaper. Go slowly and test often if you try that route.


Where would I place the stickers? Silly question I know just want to be sure.

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Maybe some string tension adjustment is called for.


I usually try to keep it neutral though, is that wrong? :-X


Because fixed axle yoyos actually rub on the string, string tension can have a huge effect on how they play.

As your string gets tighter, it will grab the wooden axle tighter, and become more responsive. As it becomes looser, it will grab less and become less responsive.

Try doing some sidewinders in either direction to see how he tension changes the play. Then you adjust it to where it needs to be for whatever you’re doing.


I have had to shave down all 20+ TMBR axles I have used. After I break in the axle, they all go completely unresponsive on me. Where I live (high desert), some days my yoyos go from responsive to unresponsive in 12 hours due to the barometric pressure/humidity changes. Seasonal changes have a more dramatic effect on my response.

Also, the string you are using will have an effect on response. I use 100% cotton, thick type 10 for more response.


Where can I find type 10 thick cotton?


Right here at the YYE store.

Rigth above the “Add to cart” button you will see a dropdown box where you can select what kind of cotton string you want. At the bottom of the list you should find thick type 10 cotton in 100 packs. I’m not sure actually if you can buy it in smaller quantities as I have only purchased in 100 packs. If you shoot me a mailing address in a private message I’ll ship you 10 strings to try out if you are unable to buy that much right now.


I must have bought type 8 or something before this is awesome thank you so much, and i have the money to cop it so I’ll save you the trouble! Thank you so much for the help ;D


YoYoExpert only sells type 10 in the 100 packs. I ask them earlier this year.