TMBR Baldwin semi-responsive

Okay, so I just got a TMBR Baldwin in the mail today… Got it out, tried it out, and it was kind of semi responsive… I could only return it if the spin was strong, it wouldnt return if it slept for like 3-4 seconds… And when it did, it often stalled then returned sometimes. I thought maybe I just had to get used to it and it was natural… After about 15 minutes of play later, it was nearly unresponsive. It only returned if I threw my hardest sleeper and yanked the string, and even then it often stalled then returned…

I tried double looping the string but then it became too responsive and wouldn’t sleep…

Help? ??? I’m using yye slick 6 cotton strings btw

I think type 10 string would help, but I’m not sure. My favorite method is the end of your string in saltwater, then playing with high tension until it dries. Wait, never mind. This is an unscrewable yoyo. Sand the wooden axle thing down some.

I’ll probably do that if there’s nothing else I can do. Anyone else got any other ideas?

I had the same problem. I ended up shaving the wooden axle down. Getting the axle off for the first time can be a pain, and you have to be careful as you don’t want to damage it. I didn’t know what I was doing the first time and ended up unscrewing the entire metal screw with axle. If that happens, just be careful to make sure what when you unscrew and screw the yoyo back together, that you check that the screw is all the way screwed into one side before you put the halves together again (hand tightened). Otherwise, you might end up poking the screw through the side. If that does end up happening as I think it did with me, still don’t worry because it will remain playable even so.

Also, get some type 10 cotton from YYE. The poly string is less responsive than cotton, and the nice thickness of type 10 that will also last longer and in my opinion make things a bit easier.

Make sure the string is not in perfect tension. make sure its very tight.
That really makes a world of a difference.
Same issue with my baldwin

But then you can’t do any kickflip suicides.

Alright, thanks guys, I sorted it out :slight_smile: