Need Help with my Yomega Fireball

Alright, so here is whats going on:

I havnt thrown in about a decade, but i used to be really into it…anyway, my mom bought me a fireball and after using it for only about a day, it has gone COMPLETELY unresponsive. I dont mean in a good way, i mean it WILL NOT return, at all. I have never used plastic transaxle yoyos before, and while it seems pretty similar to the barring systems i am used to, i have never had this problem before. any ideas what could cause this problem, and/or how to fix it?

If the transaxle isn’t seated properly or the yoyo is coming loose it would make the gap to wide for the response to work right…or the response it’s self may be damaged…not sure haven’t played with one of those in a while.

It has a starburst response, and near as i can tell it is not damaged, but im not totally sure how to tell…it seems the same as when i first got the yoyo and took it apart…as far as the transaxle being seated wrong, how could that happen? what way could it go in other than correctly?

Like I said it’s been a while since I’ve looked at one but here’s some tips from another site…

My Fireball/Powerspin/Raider/RBII won’t come back
Oil: The yo-yo needs oil to fill the air gap between the axle and transaxle.
String: Check to be sure the string is looped three times on the Fireball or Powerspin. Also, old, thin strings do not work as well as new, fluffy ones.
String Gap: The string gap may be too wide. Be sure your yo-yo is screwed together all the way. It is also sometimes possible to knock or pull the axle nut from its plastic housing inside the yo-yo. If this has happened, it can sometimes be fixed by firmly pushing the two yo-halves together to pop it back into place.
Skill: These aren’t beginner yo-yos. If you haven’t yet mastered a strong throw, you may simply need to practice or start out with a Brain yo-yo to develop your skills.

I would take a close look at the bolt popping out thing. And the wrap count on the transaxle. Maybe the oil…but you just got it…you can use some 3in1 or light oil with no issue

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Did you double loop the string around the transaxle?

I had double wrapped the string, but i tried triple wrapping it, and when i did it added a little bit of responsiveness (if only for an hour or so)…also, near as i can tell the axle is fine. i think the string wrap was part of it, but it clearly wasnt the whole problem…it is getting to be a bummer that i have to rewind my yoyo every time i do anything because it wont return lol

Use some vaseline on the axle and make sure you tighten the halves down.

Another thing might be your string needs replacing. Starburst responses appear to me to kind of chew up strings a bit faster than other response systems.

lol, i actually came to this post to say i am pretty sure that string degradation was the culprit. I just broke it :stuck_out_tongue: