Yomega Fireball falls and dies


I’m relatively new to yo-yoing and have been learning looping tricks with a Yomega Fireball and Brain. Sometimes, after doing 2-3 loops, the Fireball string just doesn’t wind up with very much tension and just falls to the ground on the next throw. Why does this happen?

I’ve used both 50/50 strings and 100% cotton and have changed them regularly. I’ve also made sure to keep the axle lubed with Vaseline.


Keep it well lubed. With a transaxle fireball you need to do it almost daily. Also make sure the string doesn’t untwist too much.


The switch to 100% polyester strings is the key. I’ve played with the Fireball for a while today with no problems.


Ya the fireball is kind of a cheap yoyo if u are ready for a pretty good one u like the 1080 sorry i forgot which brand it is but i love it for looping. It comes with a key to adjust the gap for the sensitivity and its only $23.

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I already owned many fireballs to say this, try to compress both yoyo halves into each other so the gap if the yoyo is a bit narrower. That should add response, but you may need to shorten the string to compensate the downward looping tendency with narrow gap.
Otherwise just add lube and you’re fine.


You can also double loop the string when putting it on the yoyo. I think that’s a very common practice with the Fireball. Adds an extra bit of response for the wind and the throw.


As I recall that’s the way Yomega recommends attaching the string to a transaxle yoyo.