hey guys when i spin my yo yo its automatically coming back even if don’t want it to cm. what shuld i do? plz help or should i change my yoyo

By spin do you mean when you throw it? If so I would recommend looking at the bearing to see if theres a knot or something. It would help if we knew what kind of yoyo it is and what bearing type it has. :wink:

You dont have a Yomega Power Brain do you? Bc i hope not. There is probably just a knot or the bearing is double rapped. Open it up and have a look at it.

If you tell us what type of yoyo you have it would really healp , if youre yoyo has a transaxle or a ball bearing then unti all of youre nots and replace youre string, If you have a yomega power brain or an auto return yoyo i suggest that you throw it harder(that worked 4 me)

i recently bought ayoyo which is free fire from blzing teens i don’t no abt this company i just biught becoz there no yoyo jam or yoyo factory available here but my yoyo looks journey. i just checked it but thyere was nothing but still its cming back

Mabye it’s a looping yoyo.

Sometimes you can get a loop around the axle really close to the end of the string. Check to see if twisting your string will open up the loop around the axle. You should see the string split in two to a tear-drop shape and go around the axle and have no complicated knots to hold it on.

What yoyo is it.