NEW yoyoist[ Omg getting so upset with my new yoyo help please


hello im new to yoyoing so i got a yoyo today and its full metal and has a bearing and normal string

and im seriously not even joking at all i will and really will just go dump this in the lake tomorrow i swear to god

now whats going on ? well here so i got this watched a few videos on basics

and here are the probelsm what are really really making me angry

so 1 i throw the yoyo and it IS a HARD Stright throw at least it feels seems and looks it and the yoyo SPINS for 7 seconds ANd STOPS wow way to go not even time to attempt anything literally so wtf is going on with this ?? its new and even says PREMIUM <<< quilty FOR TRICKS yoyo … yeah mate sureeee

anyway why why why>>?? is it the bearing or what people say throw hard well ive thrown this thing as hard as i possibly can so yeah…

OK second thing

i do a stright throw and my yoyo just tilts and not its not cuz my throw isnt stirght yeah it is sometimes but im talking it does spin out all the time even if i throw stright …

so whats going on with me ? im just thinking about going to basically trash this and give up


Welcome to yoyoing. Not a fun start but hopefully we can help.

What is the brand/model?


Picking up yoyoing for the first time can be pretty frustrating, especially when you expected a smooth ride after seeing all kinds of videos from guys making it look like a breeze.

If ever you need help regarding a trick, I feel it’s best to get a good recording of your attempts; text usually won’t give anymore than a vague idea of what you’re trying to convey.

Trial and error is the name of the game when it comes to yoyoing.

Good Luck! :wink:


This video explains why yoyos tend to spin out.

He explains how to get a yoyo to spin as long as you want it too, but just watch it enough to understand why the yoyo spins out. You shouldn’t need to use this method, because 7 seconds should be long enough to start learning your first tricks, and once you learn how to land the yoyo on the string you can adjust the tilt much easier. When you are learning the picture tricks, the yoyo doesn’t need to sleep while you are learning, Andre Boulay explains that in the Jamaican Flag tutorial. After you learn them and can do them quickly, you can attempt the trick with the yoyo spinning.

Hope this Helps!

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There are two problems here:

  1. You haven’t told us what yoyo you have and you likely bought the wrong one for a beginner and/or possibly something of horrendous quality.

  2. You’ve just started. What did you expect to be able to do the instant you picked up a yoyo?

Yoyoing is not like playing videogames. You can’t just pick it up and be more or less successful in an instant.

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I’m sure that if it says “Premium and Quality” anywhere on the package it is not


Sounds like one of the cheap Amazon generic brands
Edit: more than half the time the string that comes with those are really crappy and binds are harder to do, also bad string affect spin time too. The response pads and bearings aren’t the best quality either which also adversely affect play.



Your primary problem is not the yoyo or the bearing or your throw.

Your main problem is you have the Wrong attitude.

If you can’t calm down and develop a little patience; whatever we tell you is worth little to nothing.

…Nobody starts Karate as a Blackbelt… And very very few yoyoers just start out throwing Kickin Tricks the first day they get their first yoyo.


I aint got thiss exact one from this person but this is the exact one i have


I could be wrong here but the yoyo looks like it has weird walls where you can see through it. Basically looks like the string would catch the side then would bring the yoyo to a halt. Is it meant to play responsive or unresponsive? You would be better off with buying a simple plastic from YYE



Right I see what you mean and so like the string don’t always hit the edge But it does slide on the bearing so I’m thinking that’s making it unbalanced so uh lol if I glued the string not the bearing just the loop what goes around the bearing glue that to the bearing that would fix it fight ? It would make it don’t slip


I wouldn’t recommend putting glue anywhere near a bearing. Someone else can probably pitch their thoughts. But the loop on the string sliding on the bearing surface isn’t a bad thing. If you are having problems keeping the string near the center, you probably have a flat bearing. If the string gets near one of the sides and slightly touches the wall of the yoyo it will cause it to start tilting. I started out using a concave bearing which keeps your string centered. It would be useful if you post a picture looking down into the yoyo gap.



Get yourself a different yoyo my friend…this one will do you NO favors for learning!

You are on the proper web site for purchasing something much better at a low cost! :slight_smile:


Ok, here are the first steps you should take:

1.  Take that yoyo and “dump it in the lake”.

2.  Go to this page: And pick out a yoyo you can afford, you’ll be much happier.  If those are still a tad too much, grab one of these:  You’re going to be going in a much better direction with one of these.

3.  Once you get it, let us know how we can help :slight_smile:


You need a better yoyo :slight_smile:

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Welcome! and relax. We’ll get you pointed in the right direction. This makes me think of an old addage i heard years ago.

“Nothing will discourage an aspiring musician more than a beginners instrument.”

This is a perfect example of this in effect. Ill echo other’s sentiments in simply recommending investing in a better yoyo. Something a little less gimmicky and without the toy-grade design. Also, its ok. :smiley: Nothing to be upset over, just take a deep breath and try again, but this time arm yourself with a little bit more information by reading some of those posted links above and try again.

No one gets it perfect the first time and no one needs a 100 yoyo for their first. But at the same time no one should start with the cheapest one either.

Also it could be something simple like your bearing is garbage, or needs to be cleaned, or any number of things.

Can you post a video of exactly what your experiencing? Id like to take a clear look at exactly whats going on before speculating any further. :slight_smile:


And once you get a better throw start the insane practice. Then practice some more ad nasuem. You’ll get it.