Could someone please help me with my Yomega Brain?


Alright today when I was practicing on the sleeper on the Yomega Brain the string snaps and it goes rolling off and when I put a new string on it, it won’t sleep now, it is almost like the automatic clutch does not even work anymore, and when I look at it, it does not even look broken. Could someone please tell me what is wrong with it?
Thank you in advance.


Take the sleeve part out and use a screwdriver or something like that to try to put the parts of the clutch that hold the sleeve part in. If they don’t move much at all, you might have made them slide around.


Well, a few things. First, make sure you check the sleeves like Brian said.

Does the yoyo still throw fine, but not sleep? Or does it not throw at all?

Did you attach the string to the axel properly? You need to unwrap the end of the string to create a loop, which you then put around the axel (or bearing on yoyos with them). If you just tie the string to the axel with a knot, it will not sleep. Also, if you didn’t use properly wound yoyo string, you will not be able to attach it properly.

Let me know if that helps, and if not I’ll give you some other ideas.


Thanks for the help. I tried using a screwdriver on the parts of the clutch and it works now, but now it has a squealing sound, is it ok if I add valve oil to it, I do on my ball bearing yo-yos.


Should be fine if it’s done well with bearings. Just be careful and use extremely small amounts at first.

(Mikey) #6

Yeah, like a drop on a needle.


Thats only for lubing an unresponsive yoyo. The lube won’t hurt anything. The only thing that will happen if you put too much on is it will get messy. One drop won’t hurt a thing on the clutch.


i would just get a bettr yoyo


Thanks everyone it works great now, and the oil works good on it to.