Help the newbie

Hey guys. I have some problem with my sleeper (yeah I know it’s lol’able). I can’t seem to make it last longer than 10seconds. By the way I have a crappy Yomega Brain so maybe that doesnt help.

Also, sometime it’s tilting a bit while spining and therefore it gets in the starburst. When you throw it, do you throw it in line with your leg (the right one, same has your main hand)? or between both legs? If I’m not clear enough just tell me I’ll try to rephrase this lol.

I think the yomega brian comes back automatically, I forgot. But other than that, just work on your throws even more

yes it’s supposed to return automaticly but I have been able to make it sleep for about 6-7 sec average lol. I guess this is normal…I just got it for 5$ while my Velocity is being shipped anyway.

As for the throws, I think I’m doing it well, it’s just because I can’t really try anything with a 6 second sleeper

Alright… My wife has a Power Brain so I messed with hers a bit. I have a fairly decent throw down, maybe not the most powerful but it’ll pass. Here’s what I’ve found (it is important to note that it is a lot harder to throw a Brain straight because of the clutch on 1 side):

  1. Practice the Throw Down, that will certainly help. The Brain Yo-Yos do not last long, this is their inherent nature. But I can get my wife’s (stock) to sleep for at least a good 15-20 seconds.

  2. String makes a HUGE difference with the Brain given it’s narrow gap and starburst inside. So I’d say at least Type 6 String should help a lot. Changed out my wife’s string with some Type 6 Poly and I was able to get the sleep time up to 25-35 seconds. (It may be important to note that I put the string on, and wrapped ONCE as opposed to TWICE which is what Yomega does and tells you to do, doing so only once will allow the string to rotate easier on the transaxle, but not wrapping it may cause unnecessarily inconsistent results).

  3. If you have some Brain Lube this is what it was designed for! Putting 1 drop (2 at most) on the axle itself, will allow the transaxle to spin more freely. The lower the friction on the axle the lower the friction on the clutch, and there for longer sleep times. After doing this I was able to get the sleep time of the Power Brain almost up to 60 seconds, but I topped out 45-55 seconds.

Things will get much better once your Velocity comes. You could also run by a Toys’R’us and pick up a Fireball. It’s only a Transaxle, but WORLDS better then the Power Brain.

Ah yeah the clutch probably unbalances it…

I took some sandpaper and reduced the starbust by a bit and its less responsive and it takes more time for his rpm to slow down. I know it’s a bit dumb but I’ll have my Velocity in about 3 days.

I don’t have any lube, but isnt this suppose to make the yoyo almost completely unresponsive anyway?

This is one of the few instances where I’ll say, “Get another yoyo”. The Brain is not what you want, its really just for people who want to stick with rock the baby. I’m presuming that since I’m finding you on a yoyoing forum, that you’re interested in further advancement. Correct me if I’m wrong.

The Brain’s going to come back automatically, unless you disable the clutch, which I suppose you could do, its just not necessarily the easiest course of action. The easiest (and likely most beneficial) course of action is to pick up a Velocity.

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Well it’s not that I don’t want to it’s just that it’s shipping at the moment. I bought the brain 3 bucks to try and sleep for the 4-5 days of shipping.

practice practice, oh, and practice