Yomega Clutch no workie

I bought a used yo off ebay. First mistake, huh? Anyway, I think its an older version of the brain. Its a blue yo with clear rims that just has Yomega High Performance on the more or less caps.

I am wondering if I need to replace the spool. I looked on Yomega’s site and all the brain yos have the same hub. Is this the solution? All the spring and weight parts look okay, but then so does the spool.

Thanks for your help


Well. What do you want to do with a yoyo? Do you want to do stuff like this?

Cause your gunna need a new yoyo.

I am an adult working in an after school program. I wanted to buy it for students to which throwing a yo will be a new experience.


Ahh! So you want a bunch of yoyos? This is the best one you can get, $10 each, play as good as some metals. http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/759/YYJ-Classic

But they don’t come back automatically…

I’m afraid I must concur, the cost to replace/repair the damage to the existing yoyo would probably be to much and more cost effective to just purchase brand new better quality yoyo.

As Logi noted they do not automatically come back, or return. Wile he is correct, that is not entirely true. The yoyojam Classic is what we call responsive meaning that unlike the Yomega Brain which has a auto return mechanism, the yoyo will sleep at the end of the string for a short wile however, with minimal effort and by tugging at the string the yoyo does return quite easily.

What is also nice about these yoyos is that they can be modified by purchasing cheap side products (i.e. unresponsive Bering, smoother response pads ect.) to accommodate greater skill levels later in life.

I to ran an after school program At my school. The club was devoted just to yo-yoing (yoyo club, a fitting tittle) we bought three classics for the students to use, and as they grew in ability and interest persuaded them to start purchasing there own better higher quality yoyos.

I hope this helps,
Good luck

Post script,
If you were to specify on the problem with the Brain I may be able to help you further.

Admin, might consider moving this thread to “looking for help/recommendation”

The spool inside is a type of transaxle. The odds are that the rubber gasket has worn or rotten away and needs to be replaced. Find a suitable replacement rubber gasket.

Better yet, just get something better. I started with a clutch yoyo, and after you get the throw down, you’re pretty much either have already quit because you can’t even throw it right, or you’re ready to advance because you can throw it OK.

The fix could be as simple as lubing the transaxle and double looping the string on the axle.

Go here for details: http://www.yomega.com/solutions_center.html >> Yomega Brain and Fireball String and Lube

If lube and double looping doesn’t work, it may be the o-ring that interacts w/the clutch. You can probably get it at the hardware store.

Are you a responsive or non responsive player? And I might have a pair of ones I could send your way if the kids are interested I think that’s a worthy cause and I have a pair collecting dust since my kids wanted larger classics. Pm me and we can talk since to might have ended up with a bum yomega.

jhb8426 you da man! I was not triple looping the spool. I used some Guido lube (olive oil) for lube. It’s at least making the clutch sound. Although it does not look it I think the O ring is worn. I think it has been turned down evenly like being on a lathe. I might jest buy me a new spool online cause it would cost that much driving to the hardware store.

ThinQ very much!

I can do rock the baby, walk the dog, and around the world. Not into offstring yet.

As the original poster said he/she is using it for beginners, there is no reason to be buying another yoyo when they already spent money on something that might actually work for its intended purpose.

He can either buy a new spool with o-ring from yomega.com for 2.95 plus shipping, or buy a new yoyo at 10 dollars plus shipping. Which is more cost effective?

I’m willing to get it just needs a double loop around the spool.

If it’s that the clutch isn’t engaging, you can disassemble the yoyo and permanently remove the clutch functionality. I can’t remember exactly how, but I recall it being pretty easy when I finally got around to doing it.

The bad news: no more clutch! The good news: no more clutch! You can then start working on gravity pull to get the yoyo back to your hand, which you’ll eventually be doing anyhow.

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It could be just me, but i found the YYJ Classic to be not very responsive out-of-the-box. I needed to add a drop or two of thick lube to make it responsive enough to come back to my hand on a slight tug. Tricks like UFO won’t work without lube. It’s also fairly bulky; might be too big for kids’ hands.

I would actually recommend the YYF Loop360 for kids beginning to learn yoyoing. It’s very responsive, colorful, light and relatively small. Kids would love to play with this I think.

$8 each so it should be cheap to buy a bunch for many kids.