a problem with my new yoyo?

i just got my new yoyo(hit man) and i did a sleeper… than i wana make him go up… and well… he do not come back… so i tried to do the bind-tricks to bring him up…

but well if i wana make the pop the clutch i cant coz he do not respons… what can i do?!

oh and by the wey… ther are more ways to make him go up into my hand??

thank all the helpers!

Try twisting the yo-yo as tight as it can go, this might make it responsive. I don’t have a HM but I have a DM, and if I wanted my DM responsive, I twist it to the response setting I want.

but than the string became a spageti string…

The Hitman is supposed to come unresponsive, so I really hope you did expect this. You kinda need a responsive yoyo to do pop-the clutch. If you want to make it responsive, you should find some form of thick lubricant for the bearing. OR you can wrap the string around the bearing multiple times (2 should do the trick). A lot easier than thick lubing, and it’s very on/off-ish since you can just do/undo the wrap whenever you want to.

Addment: A double wrap is when you actuallay wrap the string twice around the bearing instead of the regular single wrap:

For now, until you get binding down, I suggest you do as Pheenix said and put some thick lube-like substance on the bearing. When I want to make a yoyo responsive, I use Vaseline on the bearing. If you don’t have Vaseline, I also heard that vegetable oil, and grape jelly work as well.

well ill try your addvise… thanks…

welll the only thing is well… i had a really responsiv yoyo befor so its wird to play with this one… can you segest with what tricks i need to practice first? like UFO or binds tricks or somthing like that?
any addvise in this kind of yoyo will help…

I would recommend learning binds as soon as possible since the Hitman is a unresponsive play yoyo. Also, UFO is a good trick to learn to fix that tension. Those can be learned via this website.

Also, once you learn the split bottom mount, you can use the trick washing off to loosen the string tension instead of UFO. It looks better and the video for it is here.


I hope this helps!

cool this wey i could bind the yoyo into my hand… but dude can you put a vid on how to do split buttem coz in this site ther is not such thing…

Split the atom covers the mount:

well about the movie that show how to reliss the tention of the string i have a problem… when i take the middel string after the split buttem the yoyo shots up the my hand… why his yoyo stays down and he can take the middel string and pull him and when i try to do this the yoyo shots bake up…

You have to make sure the string does not have any slack and thus you have to pull firmly.

well it can do two things
one-slow down the yoyo and make him die
two-pops up to my hand and kill my finger with pain…

so how can i do it right??

It does generally slow down the yoyo. If it comes back to your hand, it is probably too responsive and you need to loosen it, or you can just make sure it is even with your hand and then it will come back but it will spin around for a little bit next to your hand.

i didnt understand the last part… with the even yoyo and stuff… can you show me a vid or somthing?