YYF Horizon Question


Ok I just got my replacement Horizon yesterday and after just a few minutes I was able to get it to spin dead center. My question is when it’s spinning dead center is it suppose to make your hand vibrate or am I doing doing something wrong?

Sorry about the video quality, it was recorded off my cell phone.


How does it feel if you just throw a good sleeper? If that’s ok, I’d say it’s you.

({RTD} alecto) #3

there is no problem with the vibration if you watch paul kerbal’s how to finger spin video you’ll see he does the same thing; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPvvCVtBzYk


You’re doing it right :slight_smile: If you tighten up your finger you’ll see the yoyo starting to misbehave…


Looks like you got that down great man!


I also noticed that sometimes (NOT always) if you let it sit long enough it will start to vibe by itself and in the end knock itself off axis. Doing a small pop can often reset this, but I have no idea either how to prevent it from happening at all.


I noticed this too and the only way I have to stop it is using a glove or letting it spin on my skin. Now if only I could get my orbis to spin this smoothly!


i put some silicone spray into the hub fingerspin area. thank me later.

ps: wash hands before eating


wat? no. cut it out.