Finger Grind Vibe

When I do a horizontal finger grind with my Horizon, if I let my finger vibrate, after a few seconds the yoyo starts to vibrate too. Is this bad and if it is, how can I fix it?

Another question I have is, does a smooth yoyo spin longer than a vibey yoyo for grinds?

what do you mean by let your finger vibrate? And no, a smooth yoyo does not spin noticeably longer than a vibey yoyo for grinds

Paul Kerbel says to let your finger vibrate so the yoyo doesn’t circle around your finger.

Well what he means is when fingerspinning, on a horizon specifically since it has a concave hub, the horizon will naturally move a little which causes your finger to vibrate a little.

I can see how it might also cause the yoyo to vibrate a little but if it’s not affecting your fingerspins it shouldn’t be an issue. If the yoyo is vibrating a lot and dies quicker then the yoyo is probably contacting your skin. If that’s the case just try to not let any skin touch the yoyo, it should be all nail.