Horizontal finger grinds

I have been looking for a good horizontal finger grind tutorial but I cannot find one. Anyone know a good step by step tutorial?

Are you talking about a finger spin type thing?


  1. Throw it at a serious slant, as if you we’re going to do a UFO.
  2. Pop yoyo onto finger. Your finger should land along the outer rim of the cup.
  3. Bind in a cool looking way.

Honestly, I dont know why people call it a finger grind. It’s a fingernail grind. Remember that. You gotta get the yoyo to spin on your nail and not really on your skin if you want it to spin longer.

I also remember seeing C3 make a tutorial or something for that, but idk.

It helps to have a yoyo with an indention made for finger spins, (MO-VITATION) but it can be done with just an IRG. :slight_smile: