How to do Horizontal Finger Grinds

This is pretty much how I do it, not sure if its the correct way.

Does anyone else have any other methods ?

Very thorough. I liked it.

I believe doing an UFO kills spin time. That’s all I got to say.

Nice video as always :slight_smile:

Yea, I personally don’t do a UFO, if your timing is right, you don’t really need to do it to get it completely horizontal.

And even if it is just a little off, it turns horizontal when you do the fingerspin anyways :smiley:

As for the JP, it’s a great yoyo for fingerspins, best yoyo I’ve come across for them except something like the Duncan Strix or YYO Aura. Better then the Mo-vitation for that specific trick.

But great video, and congrats on joining Werrd ;D

Actually you should be only UFOing for a split second just so that you know that the yoyo is completely horizontal. Also, any yoyo that fits a lateral cap is better at it (I believe the term is “finger spin,” because a finger grind can refer to more than just that). Yoyos that are domed and don’t have a flat area are also better at finger spins because (like andy explained in his tutorial) the yoyo will not jerk around on your finger. Still, that was a great explanation.