YYF genesis?

Hay there people, I have had a rough time with school lately, but hopefully I will be able to be on more now. I was wondering if the genesis was plastic, or metal. You can’t really tell by the pictures.

Metal. It’s a wonderful yoyo if I must say so myself.

I really loved my SS, but I think I’m gonna get me one of these. It seems like a solid yoyo.

Yeah, it’s pretty solid. It is kind of funky though because the rims are so wide.

If you enjoy large diameter yoyos you will dig this, best full sized yoyo imo

its pretty good and its normal sized and not undersized with a lot of rim weight. yuuki spencer and miggy used it to will national contests ;D i tried one and it is AWESOME :smiley:

Liked my purple one I got from YOYOEXPERT, I bought another…the one Miggy threw to win…red with blue splash…such a great yo-yo.

at worlds, miggy handed me his to try and i did some inane overlong combo. i went to bind, and he was like ‘nono… keep going.’ i shrugged and tacked on a different inane overlong combo and was pretty shocked. it had lost almost zero spin. that yo-yo is a freak of super-smooth aerodynamics. it just. keeps. going.

Never tried one but I have a GM2, and they look very similar, and the GM2 offers amazing play, so Im sure the Genesis will too

Yeah but you know as well as I do that Miggy gets those amazing magnetic bearings!