YoYo Selection Help PLEASE


I’m going to buy a new yoyo. I want to get an all metal one. I have a DM and love it. I was wondering if all metal yoyos play better than half plastic half metal ones? If not then i think I will get a protostar, speeder, or a hitman. If they are then i wanna get one. I was thinking maybe getting a genesis, meteor, or the eneme/axiom(i think they might be too small).
Price Range: ~85$
Size: Medium to Large(i don’t want the diameter to go too much under 2 inches)
Color: Don’t Care
Playing Style: I don’t care if it can grind that well. I want to be good for the crazy string tricks.
I want the yoyo to be durable. I have heard many stories that the meteor scratches and dents easily if it hits the ground, this is a BIG problem for me.
I don’t want to mod it unless it is something very simple.


Seems like the Genesis would be good for you.




if it is your first metal then try getting the Dv888, you will be impressed


Dv888 is undersized. I would totally go for the genesis. It is smooth, grinds well, is great for string tricks and 5a, and it looks awesome.




Severe also fits ur preferences

(LookAYoYo) #8

large cheep metals? there are not as many as the undersized ones…

genesis, sleipnir, bear vs man?