Yyf genesis vs yyj speeder 2

Yyf genesis vs yyj speeder 2 I don’t know witch one will play better the genesis is 2012 edition

I still have my Genesis and couldn’t wait to give away my Speeder 2. Take that as you will.


Actually, very few yoyos play better than a Genesis. So saying it is better than a Speeder 2, is not that amazing.

The Speeder 2 is a very nice Yoyo.

It just happens to fit into a group of probably a 100 other yoyos, that don’t play as well as a Genesis.

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I actually really like the Speeder 2, and play it more than my hubstacked Genesis. That being said, The Genesis is hands down a better throw. Also the Speeder 2 has a severe flaw: If you hit the ground, the rings can (and probably will) fall off. It’s easy to put them back on, but they won’t line up properly as when they came new, and your super smooth throw will now have pulsing vibe. I got mine off the BST for a cheap price so I don’t care, but if I had bought it new, I would be mad.

Genesis is one if not THE best yoyo out there

I got a 2012 Genesis from a friend of mine who had put a small dent in it which caused light vibe. After I got it, I have put some more dents into it and added a touch more vibe, but it still plays better than most of my throws.

This is absolutely wrong to say. I personally don’t like the Genesis one bit. Although, I don’t say “The Genesis is one of if not THE worst yoyo out there”. I just don’t like it and that’s it. There are plenty of yoyos I’d much rather have.

But like I said, I just don’t like it. It’s a great yoyo and plenty of people love it. I would pick it over the Speeder 2, but my advice would be to remember that you have plenty of other options as well.

^ it’s not wrong for him to highly recommend a yoyo that he really likes.

Just because you don’t like that particular yoyo doesn’t make em wrong.

Double post

I didn’t say it was wrong for him to recommend a yoyo that he likes. I even said that just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s a bad yoyo.

It is wrong for him to say it is THE best yoyo. It’s simply not true.

Edit: Also, double post.

It’s true to him. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Yoyoing is about preferences. The Genesis May suit his preferences very well and be the best yoyo he’s ever played.

Exactly. It’s subjective. The statement “It is THE best yoyo” is objective, so using it when talking about a subjective topic is incorrect.

I got my Speeder 2 off the BST and dinged mine badly also, leaving a ring badly dislodged. However a resultant pulsing vibe is not a rule after fixing it. I cleaned out the area between the metal and plastic (grime gets in there), took it apart, laid the damaged half on my hardwood floor (ring side down), and firmly pressed it back on around the edges. It spins as smoothly as when I got it.

Yeah, if there is any gap between plastic and metal, it will vibrate significantly. Make sure there is no grime (or plastic debris from the pressing), then press it the rest of the way on. Use paper or something thin to get that stuff out. Maybe it’ll make it better for you, maybe not. That was just my experience.

On topic, I love the Speeder 2. Very unique player due to the bronze rings. Spins and returns hard. Good pocket throw due to the smaller-than-average width.

@ Seppi. Too him, it is. It’s his opinion.

To the OP. The Genesis is a fine yoyo. I have the Genesis+. It has hubstacks which are great. It has a slightly different weight distribution. Truly takes Genesis to the next level. You may have problems finding them in stock. However you can find them on the BST for good deals to!