YYF Ex Machina??

7075 and bimetal…this was a very quiet launch from YYF. Anybody know anything about it? Seems like a good price point for that type of throw.

I agree… It’s price is very interesting…

We are building a solid bi-metal line. We think it’s better than a bit of hype on launch and hope to produce them for a long time into the future as solid players. (It’s good too :heart:️)

i have a few of your bimetals…not a fan of the superstar…doesnt really feel like a bimetal imo

which is pretty much why we went with a line of bi-matal yo-yos rather than one. someone out there will be saying exactly the opposite, which is totally fine too!

Superstar got it just right in my opinion. Such a perfect sweet spot with the weight. Really enjoyable yoyo.

I have discovered that the human brain(and also mine) is made of candle wax.

I have been throwing the Ex-Machina and the Space Cadet for the last couple days.

Back and forth… 30 minutes here with one and 30 minutes with the other🤔

They are so good that my brain is melting🙀

… Additional thoughts on Space Cadet follow>

The most effectively positioned weight for that type of ring placement.

Very powerful feel without the heavy throw down sensation. Hits the bottom of the string on a full tank!

Solid and very ergonomic.

Resists tilting. Best boingy boingy yoyo hands down. Regens and rejections are a breeze.

Doesn’t slow easily. It’s very directional. Gyros effortlessly. I can snap start the shape with ease👍

Great overall weight. Not really floaty but flowy(like a powerful cloud🤓).
It’s beautiful.

I don’t think this yoyo could be modded to play any better.

This is Top Flight Designing and execution.

This is the kind of single A yoyo that people dream about.

Dreaming is pretty much over now.

… Likewise the Ex-Machina is to me the best execution of inside the rim weight ring placement. Fast and powerful. Beast level.

Each yoyo conjures up a different animal.

The Ex-Machina is like a 4 wheel drive.

And the Space Cadet is like a Racing boat.

Two home runs back to back.

Simply amazing.


Doc, Caesar??

I agree that it’s a good price point for it. I got the U.S.A. colored one from the campaign, which is a very limited edition of it too, at a great price. Ex Machina is the next in a line of yo-yos modeled after the original Cyborg (6061). Cyborg 2.0 (7075) came next, and now it evolved into Ex Machina (7075+ bi-metal). I have the other two yo-yos, and thought 2.0 really stepped it up in play. So I can’t wait to see how Ex Machina plays. It’s a great looking throw!

How come the new Ex-Machina and Space Cadet are not here at YYE? They seem to be available from just about every retailer in Japan for a few days now. Why none at YYE?

What is the hold-up? Are we just not a priority here in the USA?

Space Cadet: Tomorrow 10 am :wink:

Ex Machina: Already available here…

Wait! Really! Already! How much?!?!?!? $100? $120? More? Less? Lol, me be excited :stuck_out_tongue:

Ex Machina released last week; check the ‘Releases & Restocks’ section.  I try to keep it up to date.


And like Amplified said - Space Cadet releases Saturday @ 10AM EST!

As for performance, I’m with Doc 100% - Couldn’t describe these two any better.  YYF keeps outdoing themselves with each new model lately, gonna be hard to keep it up!

How is the space cadet for finger spins?

Very good. It has a stepped bowl that guides your finger to the indented point in the center. Feels like it really helps lock in a solid fingerspin.

Nice! I’m between this and an edge right now… Not sure which one :slight_smile:


Was that a stealth drop or something? It is a new model, yet I never saw it on the main page. Is it a New Release? I try to keep up to date, but I never noticed anything.

My apologies.

It’s a bit of a pain to add things to the homepage with the new layout so not everything makes it up there. It’s in new releases and was announced on the blog/social media/forums.

There’s been a lot of new releases lately though, it’s pretty easy to miss one.

That is difficult to understand. I am in no way complaining, but why would anyone have a marketing site that is a “pain” to create new product features? How are your customers supposed to keep up with what is new if some new items make it to the home-page and some do not?

What then, is the criteria for “making” it onto the home-page? Not to be suspicious again, but what criteria besides “New”; could there possibly be?

Always with the questions huh Geezer? When I say it’s a pain, I’m not saying we intentionally designed it to be difficult.  The site is new, we’re still working stuff out. It just involves some coding that André hasn’t had time to properly explain to me yet.  And customers can always check the New Releases page for every recent release.

For criteria - Nothing set in stone.  We just tend to put whatever is bigger/highly anticipated on the home page. Ex Machina/Space Cadet/Skyva will all be added.

Now - Back on topic (sorta) YYF Bi-Metals!