Video Review: Yoyofactory Space Cadet

Hi Yye family,

Heres the next review. This time comparing the YYF space cadet to the YYF Shutter. Is the $100 bimetal throw really worth it compared to the $45 shutter? Find out and as always feedback and requests are appreciated!



I believe that with this bimetal the Factory has really made the center !!!
yoyo beautiful !!!

thank you for this review. I believe you hit all the points I look for in a review, well done. Last Saturday, my son purchased a black Space Cadet at the YoYoExpert Throwdown. I have to say, while that was a lot of lawn mowing and leaf raking money for him to spend, the yoyo is an incredible value (as are most of YYF’s yoyos). He is loving it, and, it fingerspins for days…

Glad the review was able to help with the decision! I agree, most YYF are a great value and I haven’t played on of theirs yet that I really don’t like.

Next review will be the Sengoku Kenshin so keep an eye out for that one to drop! :slight_smile:

Oooo, YYE Throwdown?! That sounds like fun!

And yeah, thanks for the review, OP!

I will be anxiously awaiting that review. The Kenshin has been on my “short list” for a while as I’m a sucker for new materials.

I love the kenshin, very stable. Not as comfy as a shutter in the hand, but I still prefer it.