Review: YoYoFactory Bimetal Shutter, So Much Good, and A Big Disappointment

Here’s my first review, I hope it turns out okay.

The bi-metal shutter was something I expected too much from considering the reviews I watched and the expectations I had for a YYF 2019/2020 throw that’s >$100. It’s a great throw NGL, but there are just things I expected that I didn’t receive.

When opening the package I was disappointed to see the size of the Shutter Bi-Metal box. It’s just a generic YYF Box that you can put most YYF yo-yos in, I was expecting the plastic casing box that I saw in most reviews so that was just really annoying. When taking out the yoyo I noticed blemishes or something that rubbed off, I didn’t mind it too much but it’s not something I want to receive from a $120 yoyo. It also came with the generic yellow poly string that lasts 1-3 days which is okay. There were many goods and some bads that stood out to me.

First are the ratings I gave the throw,
Vibe: 7/10 after tuning the throw (was a 6 before in my honest opinion). I expected a smoother yoyo for $120
Spin Time: 9/10 this is given for any decent Bimetal design
Grinds: 7.5/10 given the new designs YYF and everyone is coming out with, I feel like this throw should of had a better texture for finger grinds as well as a better shape, but it’s a signature throw so I can’t dock it too hard. Still does every grind good.
Stability: 10/10 Along with the great spin time, it handles horizontals and technical combos really well and you can do these tricks more consistently and for longer than most throws. This should be a given for most Bimetal designs also.
Nimbleness: 9/10 The Shutter Bi-Metal can handle most if not all speed combos most throwers have, but it’s not the lightest throw you will have, speed combos are easy but you might notice your arms getting tired if speed combos are you’re main thing.
Price: 6/10 I just came back to the yoyo community and it looks pretty competitive right now for some companies. I acknowledge that this throw is a really good competitive throw but I feel like there are a good amount of throws out there from other companies that can achieve these ratings at a lower price. Not to be too mean to YoYoFactory but the YYF Marco which is half the price would of gotten a similar rating from me. At this price I expect some better quality control.

Now for some after throwing experiences,
I was really hoping for a smooth throw when receiving this throw, I understand that getting all the throws to play smooth is pricy and that especially goes for bimetals. Though I feel like I got the short end of the stick considering I gave this yoyo two chances. I noticed the vibe problem on the first yoyo I received so I exchanged it for a different color and received similar results to the first throw. I also emailed YYF about this. I wasn’t too happy with what I heard from them also… I emailed them if I could exchange my yoyo through them instead of the store I bought it from and I told them the problem I had with vibe on the throw. The email I received is that “They aren’t all 10s so I just need to know if we can meet your standards”. I told YYF I was hoping to reach an 8.5/10 on vibe at least but I haven’t heard back from them yet. Hopefully I will after the weekend.

All in all the shutter bi-metal is a great yoyo not considering the vibe for competition. It handles every trick well and spins for a very long time. Although taking into account the vibe I got on the throw twice along with the packaging it comes with now and the high price compared to some other bimetals. I can’t recommend it. There are bimetals that are <$100 that played well as well as ones that are >$120 that have a better chance of playing better. I’m going to try to exchange this throw again probably for a different bimetal.
The throws I can recommend are the YYF Marco for budget players, or the YYR Overdrive Draupnir if money isn’t an object to you.
Hopefully YYF does better in their production…


Hmm, do others with bimetal shutter see a lot of vibe too? I don’t have one…

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Hopefully not. I think the plastic packaged ones are probably smooth.

I would think if it’s that bad, a return is in order.


I would say that mine is around 8.5 to 9 smooth with a tiny bit of fingernail vibe. That’s pretty normal for a bi-metal, even at $120.


Two of the three yo-yos on my wish list are bi-metals that are highly praised. (Bimetal Shutter and Hummingbird) Yet, I’ve let reviews like this delay my purchase. Last month it was a bad review on a YoyoFriends premium product that had my attention. Two different companies, same complaint. It is scary to put that much money into a yo-yo and worry about getting a bad one. But honestly, how many of us sit at home and refuse to get into a car because we have seen news reports of accidents. I’m guessing that I need to just bite the bullet and roll the dice. Buy the yoyo that I want and hope for the best. Nothing is 100 percent. Buy enough yoyos and you are bound to eventually run into a problem.


“Bad One” is maybe not the way to think about it. I mean do like to play your yoyos, or sit around placing your fingernail on them.

Besides, if you received one that’s truly a 6, then you’d get taken care of, at least here at YYE. Otherwise, a little vibe shouldn’t matter. These yoyos are powerful with all the rim weight, and that combined with the multi-materials, makes it harder to get them totally smooth.

IMO, it’s best to ignore people saying these yoyos aren’t glass smooth, unless it’s a priority to you, and focus on what people are saying otherwise about a yoyo. For example. the review above is really positive other than the vibe issue. If what is said about it other than the vibe appeals to you, I say go for it!


There is a bad review? We take our vibe very seriously. I think I missed it. If you can find it again, I want to have a look. So far I know there were a total of 3 complaints since 2018. 1 of them is from China at WYYC 2018. One from an overseas retailer which the yoyo was a 8/10, and also one from another US retailer, which they returned it and got a 10/10 again. We take our quality control very seriously. We expect the best quality in the world period.


This is what I like to hear from the brands I support. No, this is what I need to hear from the brands I support! I own a hummingbird, it’s a 10/10 on every level, and I’ve taken it apart at least 5 times. I have some throws that I’m afraid to unscrew even once in fear of it getting vibration. There are a few brands I’ve learned to trust and YoYo Friends is one of them. Bravo.


My Butter is actually really smooth. Some fingernail vibe but really smooth on the string esp when I threw a grooved bearing in there. I’ve been really critical about YYF in the past so def not fanboying here.

As for YYF response, I know Ben is at PWNR. He might just not be able to respond as quickly during that.


I definitely have some noticeable vibe in mine and the bearing seat isn’t very snug at all.

I still really enjoy it overall, but it’s a bit of a bummer that my most expensive yoyo is the only one with vibe.

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A little vibe can be horribly distracting to the OCD/ADHD mind, thus dropping playability tremendously. I wish a little vibe didn’t bother me at all, and there are times that it does not distract me in the least. The problem is when it does. I become so ridiculously hyper-focused on it, it’s all I can focus on. It’s almost as if a little fingernail vibe can be magnified by my mind to feel like a tire not quite on the wheel or the wheel not attached properly to the axle, wobbling all about. Then I begin obsessing about it. Good times, good times indeed. NOT. Obviously I’m in good company, since this is a common complaint in the yoyo community. It’s ridiculous, it’s stupid, it’s even irrational at times, but alas, it is still maddening to some. I have definitely learned that some folks are not blessed with this affliction, thus never truly appreciating the curse of the fingernail vibe. It’s as if they can simply accept it for what it is, their brain files it away as some vibe, they note whether or not it affects play, and if so, how and how much, then they go on about with their play/throwing. For those of us who are tortured by vibe, we just want you to know that WE HATE YOU! LoL. Truth be told, I envy you. I’m a reforming perfectionist, I imagine this is just another aspect of my perfectionism, so I am working on not letting it bother me so much. I have a long way to go. Wish me luck.

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i picked up (two) oxy 3vo recently… these pieces were released in 2009 (if i’m not mistaken). 200-friggin-9!!! i can compare the one i’m playing today to a g2 off the line and say, “yeah, that’s a comparable piece”. 11 years later… i’m not an expert, but i can say production standards should be maintained at the boutique standards of ten years prior… at the same price point… but maybe i’m a brat.


My bi-shutter seems very smooth, but I don’t waste time checking for fingernail vibe. If I don’t feel vibe on the string then I’m not going to worry about it.


Really? I have 2 3vo as well, but they aren’t that smooth by today’s standard. I guess the orings reduce a bit of precision.

I’m really glad people have been getting smooth Bimetal Shutters.
To put more detail on the vibe since that was my main complaint the vibe is more than just fingernail vibe. I’m assuming finger nail vibe is little to no vibe but you can hear/feel vibe if you put your fingernail on it. The vibe I had on both of the Bimetal shutters (one bought then that one exchanged) had vibe you can feel on your finger.
I really want to love the Bimetal Shutter because the vibe was the main flaw. This is by no means a unique throw in 2020 and it’s more of a famous shape which doesn’t appeal to me. So there is little from keeping me wanting an exchange that will definitely have at least 8/10 vibe out of the box or just getting a different yoyo.

i’m sure i don’t have to tell you this, but the axle is designed to be adjusted to tweak out vibe, etc. it was one of the blessings/curses of the oxy…

I know we’re all different, and that’s why I said, “…unless it’s a priority to you…”

I also understand the sentiment that in this day and age, vibey yoyos should be more and more an anomaly.

I was curious when the LaPua came out, if people would buy a $400 yoyo, that admitted it wasn’t buttery smooth, because instead it was focused on ultimate performance. Sold out…


My experience is all my yoyo that above $100 are glass smooth and of course they are not from yoyofactory. I can accept the yoyo with 8/10 smoothness, below that is a nah.

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Nice review! Good you were honest too. Disappointment is an individual thing. What disappoints one won’t another and who cares either way imho.

I’ve learned you never know till you try for yourself. So buy whatever yo you think you will like and see. If you get a vibey one, and bought from a reputable retailer you aren’t taking a large risk, as they will most likely offer you an exchange or return if you let them know.

I’ve had bad bearings give a smooth yoyo vibe or axle placement. This shouldn’t reflect on the yoyo but often does depending on the players level of understanding or parts or desire to mess with their brand new yoyo.

I had this disappointment on the first bimetal I bought in 2011’ish. The Helix I think it was called. Got from YYN and that sucker vibed and pulsed something fierce. For $200 I ask for a return as the others were known to be similar and got it. Hated to do it, but I couldn’t live with it either and am glad they took the return.

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