YYF DV888 review

Intro: The YYF mid-summer sale this year was on DV888s. I saw this as my big chance to grab a replacement for me old one that was traded away. I had 50 bucks and was debating between a Dark Magic Two and a DV888. After some time I choose the DV888. Well now it was off to 2 weeks of camp! I ordered it along with a Protoge to arrive at camp. I got it on Monday of camp. I was so excited! I ran back to my cabin with the package and ripped it open on my bed. I couldn’t decide which to throw first but I soon decided to throw the DV888. As soon as it hit the bottom of the string I knew I had made a good choice.

On a throw: First off I wanted to say this is probably the most forgiving throw in the world. This throw is defiantly not like a 888. The 888 is one of the most unforgiving but the DV888 is just truly amazing. Throw a little crooked at it will straighten itself out in a few seconds. Also on a wobbly snap start it straightens out too! Its a true work of art! The DV888 has a large gap so that it can land string tricks much better. To add to this wide array of awesomeness is the spin time. The spin time is wonderous for a fundamental! 5 minutes! This makes for great combos and such. Well needless to say this yoyo is an amazing throw!

comfort and guts: Because of the wide gap on the DV888 it’s very comfy. Comfort is a key essential to a good throw. Without comfort a yoyo could be hard to throw a good throw with which makes a yoyo altogether unlikeable. Well YYF, you certainly passed this test! Another part of this test are the guts of the yoyo. You must install a good bearing, good response, and a good axle to make a yoyo work well. So lets take a look inside. The bearing is a normal 7-ball YYF flat bearing. But this little sucker sure does its job well! Well thats all I have to say about the bearing! Now onto the response system. K-Pads. Probably the most liked in the world. They give enough friction to bind return well but not to much that when you are doing string tricks the yoyo slows down. These would also have to be my favorite too. Well on to the last but not least part of the inside, the axle. There is really not much to say about it. This axle is very short but does its job well. I haven’t had any trouble with the yoyo untwisting itself during play or anything like that. Again not much to be said here. Good job YYF you passed this part of the test!

Looks: The DV888 looks very nice. Wide gap, small diameter, flat rimmed. All make for a very nice look. But what carries this yoyo home is the anodizing. It’s stunning! I got it in a nice dark red. Its so nice, shiny, and smooth. This makes for a great grinding surface. Another thing is the logo it look so nice against the red. Well I am almost done with this review. So now onto the last section.

Closing: Well I wanna say great job YYF and I’m looking forward to seeing many more great yo-yos for a low price! I hope you all liked my review! Pics will be up tomorrow!

-Alec Whittle

do you know how to remove the ball bearing ???

Just get some pliers and pry it off. And thats kinda off topic…

Nice review, you could also add how does it play (floaty, heavy, speedy, solid, ect.)

Normal bearings have 8 balls.

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I thought it was 7.

good review! you said it played like the 888 and I have to disagree but I respect your opinion. The DV888 is one of my favorite yoyos and I am glad you like it too.

I was thinking the same thing when I read the review. When you throw it crooked, it’s going to tilt on you and once it starts tilting, it’s not going to correct itself. (Wouldn’t that defy some law of physics?) Wobbly snap starts, the same thing. They stay wobbly and do not correct themselves. I do agree it’s a great yo though. I love it.

Sorry I ment not at all like a 888. lol.

Hmm weird. when I throw crooked it straightens out…

its me

Well Ladder Escape and White Buddah are kinda hard to pull off on a Kickside.

Lol oh well just a personal opinion.