Yo-Yo Factory DV888 Review

I’ve had my DV888 for almost 2 years now and I must say it is the absolute best throw I’ve ever played with. Now mind you, I haven’t played with a lot of different throws, especially the really expensive ones, but the small list of ones I’ve played with and still own vary quite a bit.

First I’m going to talk about the DV888 itself. From the day I got it, it’s been very balanced and smooth. For me how I tested this is by performing barrel rolls, split the atom and Mach 5. I do these because those are my favorites and smoothest for me to perform.

Oh before I forget I bought a grooved bearing and am using that type in this review, but even the stock bearing played just as smooth.

TECHNICAL: Weight Distribution
The DV888 during my benchmarks plays extremely smooth, quick and agile. What I found makes this possible is the even weight distribution. It does lean a little more to the outer rim, but not so much that it slows it down. It also keeps it from going so quick that it gets out of control. This weight distribution provides long spins and smooth play.

The shape of this Yoyo makes it really easy to land almost any string trick even if you’re pretty far off. It fits very comfortably in the hand and the surface is very smooth.

LOOKS: Color
This throw looks beautiful especially the splash version, I have the red with black splash, at the time it came in a variety of different colors, I haven’t looked at what is available recently for this one. Mine currently has a couple dings and scratches from lots of play lol, but that comes with age and use am I right?

The price point is excellent for the quality of this throw. Perfect for someone who is looking to progress from lower end yoyos into higher performance ones for a great price.

If I had to buy it again. I would.


Great review. I felt the same way about mine when I used to play it a lot. Now I have a clyw avalanche, but I still go back and throw my DV888 when I have a chance.

Nice review. I am sure I am going to buy a DV88. It sounds great for the price and in general.

Rim weight adds speed, it doesn’t slow the yoyo down.

Few yoyos go so fast you lose control unless you are pushing something that isn’t fast super hard.

The DV888 isn’t an exceptionally wide throw, it shouldn’t be helping you too much in the width department unless you were using an SB2 or Trvth before.

The DV888 is smooth for the price, but isn’t smooth as butter, glass, or buttered glass.

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