YYF Dream Titanium Proto #4

Unfortunately I don’t have the tools to measure the other specs, so all I have right now is weight.
67.8g brushed

Sleep time: I got 9 mins without putting a ton of work into keeping the string centered. Probably long enough for most combos.

Speed: This yoyo is extremely fast and as far as I know, is probably the fastest yyf yet.

Stability: Somewhat stable, it does have a tendency to start turning during play though.

Horizontal: Ehh… this is the only one I’m iffy on. It handles horizontal really well, keeping its plane throughout the longer combos, but it just takes on an extremely solid feeling when you throw it horizontal. Not sure why this is, but you can definitely feel the whole weight of the yoyo when doing tricks in this style. I’m not a huge fan of that solid feeling, but it will definitely appeal to others.

Float: The speed at which it can go makes it feel pretty floaty.

Grinds: Can’t finger grind that long, has a small outward facing nub in the cups which doesn’t allow for very long fingerspins, but it’s not bad. It has a lip that allows for thumb grinds.

Sound: it sounds like a bell ringing every time you hit it with a string just right. The sound is among my favorite qualities of it.

Pros: Although this isn’t the final product, I’m still unbelievably pleased. This is amazing for any casual or competition oriented player as its performance is just through the roof. Let me know if you want to see anything added and I’ll throw it in!

Cons: It just feels too heavy during horizontal… Really the only major con for me.

Overall, this is definitely worth the $300? it’s going to retail for. It is by far my new favorite throw and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the high end yoyo market!

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Nice review :slight_smile: You should update when you get to play the final version. Can’t wait till I receive mine ;D

Thanks! I’m going to have the chance to play proto #5 in about 2 weeks so I could probably write one for that as well. It’s almost 2 g lighter which I think is closer to the final weight.