So I know I've only made this account yesterday(It hasn't even been 24 hours yet), but I recently heard about the yoyofficer review contest and I just said, "Why not? I've read enough Chris Allen stuff." Now yoyofficer is a really, and I mean [b]REALLY[/b], underrated manufacturer, with high performance yoyos with very low costs. But, I'm not going to be doing a yoyo that's undervalued, I'm doing the YYO Gravity. At a $50 offstring yoyo, I'd say its just about right for it's price, maybe even better. But that's enough introduction, let's get into the review.


Weight (g) 74.9
Diameter (mm) 78.18
Width (mm) 60.00
Trapeze Width (mm) 58
Body Material Delrin

First Impressions:

        First off, Yoyofficer I know we just met, but your spoiling me, here, Yoyofficer, ya- ya- your spoiling me here. I mean come on, what box (By the way, its just a clear box with no design, just texture. Nothing to special) comes with a YYO sticker, two YYO pins, and an extra set of YYO black pads? Let alone they give you another BALL BEARING! Who does that and keep the price at $50?! That's just crazy! I'm sorry getting too exited.
         Anyways, I got the yoyo in all black and MY MY, it is SEXY.(Yes I know I'm 12. Say what you want about me.) It's wide but surprising light for an 4a yoyo. It's surface also seems very smooth , which seems very nice for grinds. It doesn't have an inner thumb grind, umm.... hook, I guess that's what its called but it seems like you can do top on tricks with it. Now that's all I can speculate but what about it's.....

This is the most floatiest 4a yoyo I’ve played with. I even used incorrect grammar to describe it. I’ve tried Fiestas and Go Bigs and they can’t even compare with its level of floatiness. Now I made up a word to describe it. I should just throw away my dictionary and grammar textbooks cause I’m on FIRE. clears throat Sorry. With all the floatiness, It still has a good spin time despite being so light. You can do some technical 4a tricks but it’s sort of difficult because of it’s wide shape.But with a wide shape comes easier catches. This can help with whips, mounts, and tricks you want to get down. But it’s not to wide that it throws stability completely off, but it is a little lower than most 4a yoyos, as well as its spin times, I might add.
Like I mentioned earlier, the surface of this yoyo is very smooth, as expected, making it so good on grinds. You still can’t do thumb grinds, however. The top on grinds, or finger spins, are okay at best. Not to great, not to bad, it’s just right. Which would make Goldilocks happy. Well it’s not just right, but I just wanted to make that joke. So unless you are really heavy on finger spins, I would suggest you find another yoyo.
Set Up:
Yoyofficer just strives for the bet, don’t they. Of cource you have your 8 ball bearing, which is smoother than 8 ball bearings but not as great as some more expensive bearings. It’s just right (Goldilocks approved) in the middle. For some reason thay don’t have Center Tracs on YYE like they do everywhere else but wipes tear it’s okay. Now for their black response pads, I’d say they work pretty well. Haven’t had a chance to try to many pads but they do their job quite well.
I don’t know how many times I’ve dropped it but so far, it only has a few minor scuffs. Of course delrin is a very hard plastic so it won’t be breaking any time soon. Also it’s axle system can take a couple of hits to with out wearing out. (Side note: Even though it’s durable, the Gravity can bounce very high, as if it defies the laws of GRAVITY. 8) Yeah, I did that)

YYO has made a very superb 4a yoyo with the Gravity. It’s a more high end 4a yoyo, so you could pay for something cheaper, but let me tell, it won’t be the same. It is very worth its price. Preety much it’s pnly downside is its stability and spin time, but not by much I recomend this for fast players, who love grinds, and do little to none technical tricks, and for beginners who want to get really into 4a, because its wide profile and durability, not to mention its bounce.

Personal Rating: 9.5 out of 10

If there’s any thing I can do to improve this review please reply. I’ll try and get pictures but is won’t seem to be likely.

I quite like the silly comical asides in the review. After all, this is a toy we’re reviewing here, right? No need to take things too seriously ^^ A few pictures would be good, especially some comparison photos with other 4A throws.


Thank you.Ill definitely keep your suggestions in mind. I just feel as if yoyo reviews are a bit boring in a way and I’m trying to add some humor but thank you for the advice. I really appreciate it

One of the best reviews I’ve read in a while.