Yoyofficer Gravity vs yoyorecreation Aeronaut


How do each one play? How durable are they? Stability? Pros? Cons? I want a stable 4a yoyo that could handle slow and fast 4a play, both are within my preference for 4a in terms of diameter and width… also handle off axis 4a… i know both can handle fingerspins so thats a plus… do 19mm pads fit yyrs? do they fit YoYofficers? also i want one that is good at grinds…


Haven’t tried the Gravity, but I will tell the Aeronaut is amazing. Easily the best 4A throw I’ve ever had the fortune to use. It has a very unique feel. Since its clear, it doesn’t seem durable, but I assure you it is. This yoyo I feel is about control. Not really fast or slow, just control. You can command it do anything you really want, it’s extremely versatile.

(Bína) #3

Gravity can use 19mm pads without problem. It’s machined from celcon, so it has good surface for grinds.(Aeronaut has glossy plastic surface)