Best 4a yoyo


Hello! I’ve gotten pretty good at 4a, and I want a better yoyo than the big-yo I already have.

Any suggestions?


yyj go big


I dont do 4A but people really seem to like the yoyofficer gravity and the YYR Aeronaught, and C3 gala


Not sure what your price range is but Jet set Ec by something, zero by Chico YoYo and aeronaught by yoyorecreation (sorry if I spelled it wrong)


Yyj go big
Yyj fiesta xx
Duncan hyabusa


The Gravity is good. It’s delrin but has a wider catch zone than most delrins. Despite being much smaller than the Big Yo, its trapeze width is about the same, so it should be just as easy to catch the yo-yo and it will generate a lot more spin.