YYF Dogma vs. two yoyos

I have a budget of $350 to spend on here. I have picked out a YYF VK Slusny, a YYF Shutter, a Werrd Minute, and either a YYF Dogma or two more yoyos that add up to about $120. Should I stick with the Dogma or change? If I change, which yoyos? Thanks guys! EDIT: I am also highly considering swapping the Dogma for the Puffin 2. What do you think?

Well depends on what you want. For pure performance I’d go OD Valor or Space Cowboy. They are amazing throws. But I don’t really know what you want

I am looking for fast, stable performance yoyos. I tend to like V-shape better than H, W, and O. I am also a fan of less wide, smaller yoyos.