Dogma vs two $60 yoyos

I have 350 to spend on this site and I have picked out a VK Slusny, Shutter, Minute, and I am either going to get a Dogma (YYF) or two yoyo around $60. Any ideas? Thanks! :smiley: EDIT: I am also highly considering swapping the Dogma for the Puffin 2. What do you think?

I am looking for fast, stable performance yoyos. I tend to like V-shape better than H, W, and O. I am also a fan of less wide, smaller yoyos.

Puffin 2

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Buy 4.5 Echo 2s.

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Just saying but have you looked into these?

They should fit your preferences although they’re a bit pricier it might be worth reconsidering your purchases.

I would also probly be buying a Steel before a dogma:

To actually answer your question though I’d probly grab a too hot and 86400 over the dogma. It just depends on what 2 yoyos you were planning on grabbing.

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If it was up to me, I would wait a couple weeks and get the one drop titanium yoyo, which should be around 300 and the CLYW plastic Yeti, which should be coming out soon and around 60. It’s been my experience that I prefer one really great throw over a few merely good throws.