Best $70 yoyo?

I am looking for a yoyo that is around 60-80 dollars. I need one for normal freestyle yo-yoing. I prefer V and W shapes, I like less wide yoyos, but enough room to land all my tricks. (Like the Shutter, for example). I want a fast, stable yoyo that is easy to learn complicated tricks on (I’m almost through the master and expert section on this site) but can perform well (I am going to a competition in a a month). I tend to like Caribou Lodge, Yoyo factory, one drop, and werrd yoyos the most, though other brands may be good. I dislike yoyo jam and duncan yoyos. Anyways, thanks so much for helping guys! :smiley:

Yoyo factory cyborg 2.0.

Hmmmm Yoyofactory 2hot.

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What I would choose from:


Nice spark hawk spickelhawk you always get the better of people.

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I love my SHU-TA and my Cyborg 2.0. Also maybe look for a Fools Gold or beat CLYW. :slight_smile:


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The Shu-ta is awesome for that price. One of the cheapest 7075 yoyos around. Anything that Rebellion made would be a good choice also. With how advanced yoyos have gotten today, It’s honestly really hard to make a bad buy at $70. Pretty much everything now-a-days performs well enough for anyone.

I’m incredibly biased, but I would suggest the King Yo Star Rapid Light.

Did I mention i’m really biased?

Lol its like the Questions with Gentry Stein where he would answer every question with something about the ReGen

Ditto that

YYO Hatchet 2 or Nifty. Both outstanding yoyos in their price range.