What's the best 99-120$ yoyo?

What’s the best 90-120$ yoyo
That you can get(not like a canvas)

For my money, you need look no further than this (Valor):

However, as we always say in these threads, it depends on your preferences. :wink: For example, good luck trying to convince anyone that this isn’t equally awesome (Irony JP):

or this (Space Cowboy):

Any number of great C3 yoyos come in at that price range, too. You’re spoiled for choice. But if you forced me to choose at penalty of a good wet-noodle-lashing, I would pick the Valor.

OD Valor

The best yoyofactory ever. Aviator. IMO

I agree with Greg on the 3 he listed for sure

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‘Best’ is all really quite subjective.

That being said I am going to agree with the concensus and say that the Onedrop Valor is the ‘best’ yoyo within that price range that I’ve played. When I bought one at Nats I just couldn’t put it down for days… still can’t in fact. :slight_smile:

Also, play aside, the fact that the bearing can be popped on and off with such ease is a welcome change from many of the death-gripping throws out there. Can’t argue with Onedrop’s tolerances…