so i am looking for a new yoyo factory yoyo that is under 100 over 80 any ideas help me out


Well, although I don’t think price should be what you look at most, that doesn’t exist. The BOSS and C13, however, are each one cent below $80, at $79.99. And, out of those two, I recommend the BOSS.

BOSS all the way. It is an amazing yo-yo; the best I’ve ever tried.

Also, I wouldn’t limit yourself to YoYoFactory. There are other companies that have good metals, some of which are under $80. You don’t need to spend $80 to get a good yoyo.

Yeah, like the Project 2 for example. BTW, this belongs on this board- http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/board,15.0.html.

Like every1 here said don’t limit yourself to only yyf, but if you insist in yyf I’d get a dv888…genesis…or a BOSS