What is the best yoyo for its price

i am a level 2a and i am
looking for a yoyo but i dont know what to get but all the ones i want are to expencive. so what is the best yoyo for its price??

Look no further than the YoYoFactory ProtoStar. Only $35 and used to win many contests, EVEN the 2010 World YoYo Contest. It is better than most of the metal yoyos you can buy today. Seriously, this yoyo is all you’ll ever need. Just save yourself the trouble and go buy one now. Honestly you cannot get a better yoyo for the money.

Here’s a few videos (of the ProtoStar being used) for your viewing pleasure.

Loopers aren’t expensive. Even a pair of Reverbs is only $80.

some people view that as expensive.
On a budget, I’d say get speed beetles or pulses.
on less of a budget, loop 900s (or 1080s. haven’t tried them myself though) or unleashed.
on no budget, reverbs.

I’m not sure any of us know what this guy is after. I sort of think 2A.

My preferences for loopers is the YYJ Unleashed. At under $40/pair, these are great to learn on, grow with and compete with.

At the same time, most modified shape yoyos fall into this category. I could easily say the same thing about the Loop900’s and Loop1080s, but my 1080’s won’t be here until next week. You can get pairs for under $50.

The YYF Loop 808’s I got for $10 each at Nationals. Way fun. I’d say not quite competition grade in my opinion, but they are still nothing to laugh at. YYE sells them for a bit more, and even so, at under $25 for a pair, it’s still a good deal.

Now, onto preferences. I like the YYF products. I just happen to like the YYJ Unleashed better. I feel that for the money, to me, they perform better and have better value to them than the Loop 900’s and Loop 1080’s in my opinion. This doesn’t make it right, and it doesn’t mean I’m right. What it does mean is that I still do prefer the YYJ Unleashed for 2A. Even with this preference, I still bought a pair of Loop 808’s and have ordered the Loop 1080’s. It’s good for me to have variety.