Any recomendations?

I’m looking to get a new yoyos and I have no idea what to get because there are so many awesome yoyos out there, so any recommendations would be very nice and helpful. thanks ;D

My preferences:

In between solid and floaty. I would like to do slow tricks, but also be able to speed it up as far as possible.

It should have very long spin times.

V or H shape

Weight does not matter

Normal size

Any brand

Under $150

Low wall

Very stable in vertical and horizontal

What do you already have?

Onedrop Chik
Yyf Shutter
C3 level 6
Magic yoyos n12
Yyj trigger
Yyj xlr8

would go with either of those


They both look really nice and would be worth playing.

Keep the suggestions coming people

One drop Valor, simply amazing, 7075, smooth, incredibly long spinning, fast, excellent controlability . A fantastic throw all around

So basically any yoyo that is not organic is the only criteria?

If that’s your interpretation of the criteria. Then yes

ClYW Bonfire, General Yo KLR, CLYW Gnarwhal, YYR Sleipnir, Summit, Valor, Anything GSquared, C3 Krown, C3 Mo-Vitation, Werrd Irony JP, Werrd Minute, Space Cowboy, CLYW Puffin 2, YYF Too HOT, YYF Horizon, Duncan Barracuda, Something Versus, and I could go on.

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