YYF VK Susny vs. YYF Dogma vs. YYJ Phenom

Im considering ordering a YYF VK Susny yoyo or a YYF Dogma or a YYJ Phenom. Has anyone played with any of them enough to give me some information on them? I am torn between the three and am not sure which one to choose. Thanks guys! :wink: EDIT: My favorite yoyos I use are the Horizon, Shutter, and Genesis.

What is your personal play style? What other yoyos do you have that you enjoy? It would be nice to know this so that we can make the best suggestion possible.

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I have a VKSS and a DOGMA. In addition, I have played a phenom. The VKSS is a strong, stable competition yoyo that can handle many tricks. The DOGMA is a bit-laid back but it is incredible. The smooth spin and the beautiful finishes just makes your eyes POP! Finally, the Phenom is a speedy little beast. It moves super quickly. I mean, it’s the signature model of Hiroyuki…

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thanks guys!