YYF DNA vs YYF Superstar

Hey all,

After looking around, I found two Yoyos that I especially liked:
and YYF Superstar:

I would like to here your opinion about these two yoyos.

Also, I saw that the superstar has a “H” shape where most yoyos I saw have “Butterfly” shape.
Is one better than the other? what are the advantages of each shape?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


dna, i love the superstar and the dna and theyre very different, the dna is rather light for its size but i like it

They’re both fantastic yoyos. I suggest you pick based on shape. Do you want more of a classical rounded shape, or a more authentic H-Shape?

Personally, I would go with a Superstar. I think it is more stable and solid, but I still think you should decide based on shape. :slight_smile:

Thanks all :slight_smile:
I would like to hear more opinions

Samad, when you say that I should choose based on the shape - do you mean what I like more visually?
because I’m interested to know if there is a difference with the yoyo performance based on the shape

samad means which shape you prefer to play with, the roundness of the DNA or the h-like shape of the superstar

I understand that:)

I just don’t know the difference between the two shapes except visually, and that’s why I asked if one is better than the other

They are asking you which shape would feel more comfortable and “right” in your hand.

Well the H-shape provides more rim wieght making it more stable. But if you already have a good through you won’t need it as much. The DNA has a slightly h-shaped but not much But is still an incredible yoyo. Samads right it really just comes down to what you feel right with in your hand.
You can not go wrong with either. :wink:

Although it would be problematic for me to know that since I only know the butterfly shape, and I have no where to try using the “H” shape…
I guess both will be fine.

Any more opinions regarding which yoyo is better?

superstar. one of my favorite yoyos


I bought my G5… I love the H… Round yoyos just dont feel right anymore… Its real easy to get used to and plays so well… If it were me I’d go SuperStar…

I suggest a skyy chaser! lol

Either one will do you just fine. Pick the one you like the looks of best and go for it. If you don’t like it then the buy/sell/trade is a good place to trade it for a different yoyo.

Did u try a skyy chaser itictus? (not trying to go off topic its just that i kinda want that yo lol) think its good and worth it if u like smaller yos?

I didn’t try skyy chaser, but Im less interested in it… Thanks anyways

So, I finally decided on the DNA and got it two days ago:)
Thanks anyone who replied and helped me decide!

It’s really great, and I have a few general questions:

  1. What is the purpose of the hubstacks?
  2. After what period of time should I clean and lube its bearing?
  3. When I throw it, sometimes there is a “screeching” sound. does this mean that I need to lube the bearing?
  4. Also, there is a different “screeching” sound when I tighten the yoyo. I looked at this video:
    But I don’t think I’m over tightening my yoyo… Is this thing normal?
  1. Just for fun. You can grab it while it’s spinning.
  2. Whenever the speed of the yo-yo slows. I haven’t lubed my Dv888 bearing and I’ve had it for about a month.
  3. Usually…?
  4. Haha, it’s just squeaky.
    Is this thing normal? Totally. ;D
  1. for fun
  2. when the spin time decreases because something maybe could have gotten in there
  3. its probably breaking in

I definitely agree with samad. Althrough I have never played a dna, I have played an 888 (which is just like a dna but smaller) and I have a kentaro superstar. The superstar is such a solid, stable yoyo. It moves confidently throughy combos. It even feels solid when you go to screw the halves together.