dna vs superstar vs california

here we go. I got it down to three yoyos. Do not tell me which one is best, i will make that decision, i just really need to know how each of them differ and some reviews on them!!!

well I only have a dna but my friend has a california and he might sell it to me
he let me try it and it was great compared to my dna its a lot smaller in my hands
I only got to try the california for 1 min so I couldnt get much tricks in
unfortanantly I havent tried out a superstar but I will once I get to rendono tommorow and will compare it to my dna
thats all I can do because the only yoyo out of those that I have tried is the dna
hope this helps

cough MAKE A POLL cough

Id go for the Superstar or California. I would NOT get a DNA, simply because it is based off of 888’s and I dont like 888’s

So my vote goes for California or Superstar!

He doesn’t need a poll because he wants some more detailed information on each yo-yo, which a poll wouldn’t provide.

okay this is basically closed, because i decided to get a superstar. THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP GUYS!1 ;D

No Problem! :slight_smile:

California: Based off the famous 401k shape. Reminds me of a X-Convict ever so slightly, but the shape is very different:(It is also discontinued, I believe, or at least it had plans to do so) http://www.yoyonation.com/product_image.php?imageid=2565

Superstar: A modified “H-Shape.” Not as extreme as the G5, but is still very profound, but has extremely good rim weight. Unlike most new metals out there, it is a full-sized yoyo. Smooth, great finish, and extreme playability. My top choice: http://www.yoyonation.com/product_image.php?imageid=2780

DNA: A full sized 888. I dont really recommend it, but it is still nonetheless a great yoyo: http://www.yoyonation.com/product_image.php?imageid=3141

samad why do u not recomend the DNA its a good yoyo

where is the DNA love :-*

hehe, It is all personal preference. I just excited to offer so many different varieties that everyone can find their favorite.

DNA Review coming soon. I need a week of play with it

^^ can’t wait for your review.