i didnt like the mutant DNA, like at all...


Am I alone on this? It didn’t spin very long, the shape wasn’t nice at all, and it was just bad…the only thing I like about it are the hubbies, I have fun with those

I really hated the shape on that, it was hard to hand start the throw and, idk, I dont remember exactly bit I think the gap size is a little bit small for me. Anybody feel like this??!?


Remove the hubstacks. That’s what I did and the play improved a lot. Spin times are ridiculous, super stable.

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Yup, that gap that is nearly as wide as the bearing sure isn’t wide enough :expressionless:

I’m not going to make a definite conclusion about your shape/weight preferences, but seeing as this model has /the/ most accessible shape, I’m going to chalk it up here that you just can’t throw it, or are spoiled by H and V shapes, not that it’s /bad/. Too many people forget to make that distinction.


Seriously? Nobody disliked it?
doesn’t anybody think the spin time was bad? It spin for like a minute…


You still have it? I’ll take it.


Lol no, its my friends, he brings ot everywhere and I always play with it, only because of the hubstacks, I love hubstacks…


Sounds like operator error.


Must be too heavy for you.

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What if I told you that “sleep time” has to do with your throw, rather than your yoyo?






I knew people were going to say that…

Im saying, if I gave you a Duncan imperial and chief, would you get the same sleep times?

I throw my supernova hard, and get great sleep times, I throw the DNA real hard, dont get what I expect…


I don’t even sleep with a yoyo and I get great amounts of sleep.

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Apples to oranges, man.

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Duncan Imperal= Fixed Axle
Chief= Ball bearing

Bad comparison


Its not bad at all, think about it, he said ANY yoyo, so your saying a fixed axel isn’t a yoyo?


Idk know about the mutant DNA but the The normal DNA is one of my favorites.

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@yoyo 143. It is a bad comparison. And johnthejwolfe never used the word “any”.


Still is a yoyo anyway…

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Never said it wasn’t.