Like many of you, I got the D10 a week ago. I’ve only been throwing for a month now, starting with a Velocity and Shutter. I was excited to try something new to compare with the Shutter so I was good with it being a mystery. Anyway, here’s my inexperienced thoughts and concerns.

It’s loud. The bearing makes quite a bit of noise, even lubed, compared to the 5 other yoyos I have. Normal?

When I hand spin the yoyo to loosen the string it makes a rattling noise.

I took it apart to lube it and found that the axle is loose. I hand tighten it and screw it back together, but it’s loose every time I open it up. Is loose axles OK? If not, any way to fix it?

The response pads are sunk in the groove. If you hold half the yoyo flat and look from the side, the pads are lower. I have problems getting it to bind consistently, even with new string. I’ve used 3 types, including what it came with. It’s been that way from day 1. Is that by design?

I admit that I may not be binding in the most effective way possible, I’m a newbie to unresponsive yoyos. Otherwise, I just don’t know what is normal and what is not to determine if this is a good throw, a defective yoyo, or if I just need more practice. Any help/advice or clarification is appreciated. Thanks!

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I’m sure it comes stock with a yyf bearing and yes they are loud. I highly recommend picking up a different, higher quality bearing. I too am disappointed with the bearing they put a stock yyf bearing in the Basecamp moonshine and I had the same problems as you (even the axle problem which I guess is okay) and I was bad because they could’ve just put a pixel bearing in there and it’d be twice a good of throw. For future reference when buying from yyf, remember just about all their products under $75 is quantity over quality.

PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T

My D10 is as quiet as can be. The quality seems to be quite high, but, it just does not feel comfortable in my hand yet. I will keep at it.

The floating axle is ok as it is. Nothing to fix there. Sounds like it comes with recessed pads which are fairly popular.

I have the D10 too. I took the shields off the bearing clean and lube it. It is a Center Trac 10 ball. IMHO its a good bearing and probably needs to be cleaned and lubed. Floating axle is fine. Recessed pads is normal. Its a skill toy. Practice is important.

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Thanks everyone. It’s really helpful to know what’s normal. Is there advantages to a floating axle and recessed pads?

I have had zero issues with mine, I love it. It’s been my daily throw this week


People like recessed pads because they work better for unresponsive play, but still make the yoyo return when needed. Floating axles are just the way they are. There’s no particular advantage other than ease of assembly.

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The Center Track bearings that YYF uses are nice, but they do seem to often come with some grit in them. The advice to clean and lube is good, especially if it’s noisy.

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I got one too, a gold one. It grinds pretty well and has an excellent spin time in my opinion. One problem I have is that the bearings get stuck in the bearing seat, and are extremely hard to remove. Is there a fix to this?

Get muscles.

Actually just use a bearing removal tool and gently rock it back and forth for a while and it should easily come off.

Use the bearing tool to get the bearing off, and if you want you can lightly sand the bearing seats so the fit isn’t so tight.

I sanded the bearing seat, and it comes out easier. However, it causes extreme string wear. I’ve broken three strings while using it.

You should have only sanded the bearing post. Personally, I would have just taken the bearing off when I needed to, and over time it would have loosened up. We may need a pic to tell what’s going on. What grit did you use?

I used a large sheet of sandpaper. I couldn’t get to the post correctly, so I angled it a little, however, it also sanded the pad seat. I cannot provide a picture yet, I apologize.

Try some finer grit, like 300 grit wet/dry paper used wet to smooth out the inside walls. That should fix the string problem. Lacking that, some fine steel wool, like 000 or 0000 grade. (The more zeroes the finer it is.)

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Thank you, I’ll try that! :slight_smile: