Questions about the arrow elite

After about 3 days of constant play it started acting really weird. Its on the responsive bearing, but it doesnt always come back, and its really unreliable at all. Is this because it isnt lubed? I’m also searching for string, but there is little to no choice here in Romania. Anyone have a recommendation on where i could get string from?

  • best regards, Aron

Hi Aron, yes I think the bearing likely needs more thick lube or even grease (plumber’s silicon grease from the hardware store should work fine) to provide additional friction to allow it to be responsive. This is a bit of a finicky thing about modern responsive yo-yos that require time to figure out how to get it set up the way you want.

I did a bit of research, I will pm you about getting some new string. Best of luck and enjoy!


We have an Arrow Elite that has been played with by all of us in the family at some point lol. It’s a great beginner throw for sure but can act a little off at times. Other than the bearing or string that’s already been mentioned; some simple things I’ve noticed with this one is it will start to loosen up as you play which can cause it to act a little unresponsive and vibe a lot. If it is good and snug (don’t overtighten though) then it is probably the bearing causing unresponsiveness. Another thing that can cause a lot of vibe is the end caps can come loose if it hit the floor or a surface which can easily be fixed by popping it back in. Just sharing my .02 about this throw. It’s my favorite of the beginner throws that we have gone through and can do all beginner and intermediate tricks and some advanced as well. Hope you get it working properly.

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Thanks! Yeah i noticed that the string is loose quite often, even after i lubed it, but unfortunately i dont have any string left to change it. (I guess my hands are getting a vacation ^^) Fortunately, a new pack of YYF string should be here in about 2-5 days

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