Jammed bearing in YYF delrin Severe

hey guys, this is my first post and unfortunately it’s all bad news.

last week i placed an order online for the first time cuz it’s my first time to america and I really wanted to get some stuff which is pretty hard to get back home (singapore).

I bought an Equilateral for myself (big fan of YYF since the Proyo days) and it’s my first metal yoyo in half a decade. I also bought 4 Ripples from Buddha Bearings and a delrin Severe for my nephew, who was in town with his family (my bro and his wife) to visit me in college.

Last thursday, the shipment arrived and we were really psyched with our new gear. i swapped out my center trac to test out the Buddha and gave the multitool, the Delrin and also a Ripple to my bro to bring it back home to swap for my nephew cuz he wanted to bring home the bearing in the Buddha brown bag. Which was fine by me, i mean kids hold onto even the smallest things for sentimental value.

Well this morning, my bro called me and told me that he managed to swap out the center trac for my nephew and he really liked it and they were about to clean the bearing together when they found it was jammed. He’s tried different ways to remove it which included using the multitool, the flat pliers and cloth and even the string method but to no avail.

Is there a way that you guys can suggest? I’m not really sure what to do right now, and what makes it worse is that they’re half a globe away from me. Please advice, thanks!

First off, you should avoid naming other yoyo stores on the forums (even by acronym). As for the bearing issue, the multitool should work just fine if you just wiggle it out.


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thanks, i changed my post to remove the acronym, sorry about that

Put the yoyo in the freezer for 30 min, the bearing seat will contract.

Well, i would suggest adding oil to the bearing seat if possible, by letting the oil run down the axle. I did that to remove my Superstars hubstack bearings. I hava another suggestion if youre in Singapore, but ill PM you since it involves another store

Jay, thanks for your suggestion! my sis-in-law ran some paint thinner down the axle and she was able to wiggle it out with the multitool!

thanks M.Dev1!

No prob! glad you were able to fix it :slight_smile: i was having some trouble sending a PM anyway