Am I messing up my bearing seat?


2 questions:

I recently bought a Trifecta bearing to put on my Genesis. I was super stoked about this…until I realized that my bearing refused to come off of my Genesis. I have a bearing removal tool and I’ve even tried using pliers to no avail. I even brought it to a club where other people tried to get it off and they weren’t able to remove it either. I just bought this genesis a few months ago but had no desire to take off the bearing until now, so it’s not like I can even return the thing since my warranty has expired.

I still wanted to try out this Trifecta bearing though, so I decided to put it on my favorite throw: my RecRev Mangaroo. The stock bearing came out with the bearing tool…no problemo. But then after about 2 hours of play…my yoyo started to become responsive and making weird noises. I tried removing the bearing but it wouldn’t come out and now I think my bearing seat is beginning to get stripped.

I haven’t been able to use my mangaroo for a few weeks now because it’s just so responsive. I’m really disappointed. Any suggestions? Does anyone know what’s going on with my yoyos? Tips to get rid of a stuck bearing?


The bearing seat isn’t stripped. That’s not possible.

Try throwing them in the freezer for 10 minutes. The aluminum contracts more than the steel bearing, so it should come off easier.


Thanks for the suggestion, d00d. I tried it but it still won’t come out. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I’m gonna ask my neighbor if she has some rounded lip pliers. I tried using pliers but they didn’t have that rounded center thingy.


bearing removal tools normaly fit loose, if you find a drill bit the correct size you can get a much tighter fit and that could work. you can also try putting a wrap of tape around the tool to make the fit tighter.
the freezer trick is one where you have to put it in for short periods over and over till you get the contraction you need. If you leave it in long both will contract and it will be simular to not putting it in the freezer at all.
Also try some penetraiting oil, like liquid wrench, it will drive down into the space between the bearing seat and the bearing. Which will cause a more slick surface for the bearing to try to hold onto.
If the tool is not working I would suspect you are going to break the cage and destroy the bearing with plyers, but they can work and give you more leverage for sure.
Remember to rock it back and forth, in a circular manner.
I have never once came accross a bearing fit so tight I can’t get it off with a proper fitting bearing removal tool. I have one I got about 6 years ago that works far better then the YYF ones, it has a tapperd tip so you can wedge it onto the bearing, much like a drill bit back end would have. It is called a PB&J tool. I don’t think you can get them anymore, but it stands for pog, bearing and jam tool. because it was produced to get the yoyojam bearings off the plastic hubs they used back then. it is also much longer then the YYF ones, about 5" or 6" long.


I bought a pair of pliers just like that and it worked pretty well. Just remember to put a piece of cloth under the leverage point (tip of pliers against the yoyo’s catch zone) or you could end up with some nasty scratches.

Or you could break it like Schnayke said :stuck_out_tongue:


Studio42 posted a really easy way to get your bearing out using your string.

Warning: this may break your string, so use a cheap old one.


Wow, I’ll have to use that some time.