weird yoyo defect?

ok so im on advanced 1.5 (between both, just want to get some tricks down consecutive before i go on) and i started with a DM. i got a dv888 which i LOVE i cant see myself using any other yoyo besides like the tactic (other fundementals) or 888x. so i decided to get a steel KK for my DM. got it, worked great. one day i got a knot and unscrewed it and the bearing was on the wrong side. this started to happen a lot. i got a ceramic KK and put it in and it was way way way “too unresponsive”. put yyj lube ect. i tried putting the stock bearing and regular KK back in and its the SAME DEAL. when i throw it gets a horrible spin, way too unresponsive and just slides down the string way too fast. not to mention NO CHANCE of binding. i was thinking i probably over tightened it or something? never had a problem like this before can someone please explain what they think might be going on? im guessing that the bearing is too loose in the yoyo and wont hold tight. thanks guys. new to the board too…
thanks guys

p.s. i put in silicone response pads, not sure if that has to do with it

Thats not a problem with the bearing, thats a problem with the response. It sounds like the response is slippy, so you should try replacing the pads.

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What he said.

And the bearing can switch sides. Absolutely no problem with it doing that.

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cool thanks guys but my dv888 has the same recessed silicone pads and also the bearing doesnt “snap” in like it used to. is it definetely not a problem with that? i bought yyj silicone pads it came with 2. was i suppose to put 1 on top of the other? its pretty recessed. the real problem is when i THROW. its like it slips out of my hand unless i wind it REALLLLY TIGHT.

Yup, I’m about 99% sure now that you just need to replace the response. Might I suggest flowable/gasket maker silicone? It’ll work the same as the other stuff, but this way you can make sure to get it flush so that it lasts a while.

Is it possible that when you were lubing your bearing, that you got oil on the response? Oil is pretty slippery.

It’s the response. YYJ silicone pads, if I remember correctly are pretty thin, so they will need to be stacked in order to get the regular flush silicone response to provide a decent amount of response

yep one of my dark magic’s has slippy response. I changed the O-Ring for flowable silicone and it now works perfect