YYF CZM8 vs. YYO Lava

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Which would you go for? Explain why.

I really dig the new splash CZM8, but YYO’s colors are so beautiful. Looks aside which would you choose.

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How do they play?


No idea how any of them play. But i own a Hatchet, and it impresses me alot.
I would go Lava for fun and CZM8 for competition.

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Lava is also great competition throw :slight_smile:

Main difference between them is weight, Lava is really light and nimble. CZM8 on other hand feels imho really heavy on play.

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Is the lava polished or blasted?


Looks like a tumble.

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Lava is blasted-

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@Bina. Which CZM8 did you play? The prototypes or the production model.

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Both, got new purple from Vashek.


Love my CZM8. It’s a pretty rounded throw – by that I mean it has a little speed, a little float, and is quite stable. It doesn’t have a ton of character, but it’s still fun to throw.



You really can’t go wrong with either. The CZM8 has a great shape, feel and spins a long time. Didn’t expect much from the Lava, got it on impulse due to colors. It may be the honeymoon effect, but I find myself reaching for my Lava more than my other throws. Spin times are great…super smooth! With a $5 difference between the two, it is a hard choice. I would personally pick the Lava.


This thread is making me feel really good about my choice.

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This is difficult. :wink:

May go with YYO, just because I haven’t tried them. How’s their quality?


I’ve personally never played the lava, but it looks like an awesome throw. yyo definitely make some really great throws for the price. the lava looks like a real solid competitor and I really wouldn’t mind getting one myself here really soon!

let us know what you end up going with! :slight_smile: