best performing YYO yoyo?

Im really torn between a jaeger, musket, or hatchet. but all there throws seem really amazing

I personally liked Lava and Nifty best.

does it grind well?

the lava i mean

^^ Believe it or not, my Lava grinds really well.

Maybe check with bina who is their representative but I think the new lavas had a bigger gap and beadblast surface

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All runs of Lava were blasted, 2nd run has only different gap width.

About best performing YYFCR, my favorite is still Nifty, with Orbis possible close second. From others, Hatchet was for long time my choice for contests and so was it for rest of team.

I have the musket and lava, I prefer the lava. It is very nimble and grinds really well. Both of them are glass smooth…so much so that I’m not looking forward to the day I have to change the pads. Don’t want to mess the magic. The musket is fun, but the gap is a tad thinner than I like. Still plays great, thinking of making it a 5a instead of 1a since the smaller gap makes it binding easy.

You would be happy with either, and I’ll be getting the orbis soon.

I really want bothe the lava and musket but I think honestly I will go with the jaeger for now. I like the shape and its really different from my other throws but soon I plan to own the others

Get an 86400 if you want something oversize

That’s another throw I’ve been wanting for quite some time now but I like the shape of the jaeger more