Yoyo officer?


Are they as good as they look and sound? And do they rival budget yoyos from bigger company’s .


Yes and yes.


quoted for truth


Never thrown one, but even in their native China they arent the brand who is receiving the most attention. The only impression Ive got of them is that they are frequently compared to clyws.




Never have I been disappointed by Yoyofficer. If you see one you like pick it up! They’re fun.


Which of them is the best musket, fit, lava, jaeger. Favorites?




Hatchet, IMP and Nifty. Lava is fun too, so they’re on a roll.




How good is the lava? I’ve been wanting to get one


The musket is a ton of fun and amazing.


I agree I was also wondering about the lava


The Lava is a combination of the Imp and the Jaeger according to Yoyofficer. It’s a good’um.

The Jaeger is one of the most fun throws I’ve ever played.

The Musket and Hatchet are popular. I think they’re the two models that get compared to CLYW the most.

I loved my Imp, but it just felt too small.


QFT. The Hatchet is my favorite, but the IMP and the Lava are close second. The musket is great too.

YoyOfficer just makes high-quality throws all-around. Anything that you decide to get will be a great throw. There has never been a disappointing yo-yo from them.


Absolutely. The Crayon remains one of my favorite organics as well.