Musket Vs Lava?


I really just cant decide from the two they both seem great in different aspects… which is over all better in your opinion?

(Bína) #2

If I try to be objective, Musket is better. It has longer sleep time, is more stable and has bigger catch zone. It feels more solid and moves as you want, isnt too slow or quick. Many Officer team members use it on stage.

But I personally prefer Lava, it’s lighter, more energetic, faster and agile.

In my opinion, Musket is closer to USA throws, where Lava is more like Asian yoyo. If that makes sense :slight_smile:


thanks i really appreciate the opinion. but im still not sure which id want. I already have a N12 which do you think would be a step up from that?


I do not own a Lava, yet. But, I am very happy with my Musket. It is well balanced and performs well. I had to change the response pads, but when I did, it became very unresponsive and started sleeping for a long time.


The musket has similar dimensions to the N12, so if you want something along those lines, get a musket.
If you want something new or perhaps something smaller, get a lava, but the catch zone is not as wide.


The Musket’s specs reminded me of one of my favorite yoyos, the Code 2 by onedrop. It does not play like it, but it is very fun in a different way.

I agree with Bina about the Lava, I prefer it to the Musket. It is so fun!


Personally yyo is my favorite manufacturer so i have a bunch of their throws. Personally i perfer the lava it has a nicer feel and move. Most likely id say get the lava.