YYO Musket vs CLYW Chief?


Anyone notice the similarities between the two? I am curious if the YYO Musket plays like the Chief for 1/3 of the price, that would be pretty sweet. Looking for opinions from people who have tried both…

The Musket is 1mm smaller, .5 grams heavier (well 1.5g heavier to 2 grams lighter if you are comparing to the lightest 65 gram Chief or heaviest 68.5 gram 7075 Chief), there are grooves in the inner half of the catch zone, but still they look very similar.

I wonder if that factors into how they play? Im very curious on this one, opinions would be awesome! =).


I’ve only had my Musket for about 8 hours, but they do not play anything like each other. Extremely different yoyos that play extremely differently. Musket is very nice, it’s very fun and for the cost it’s definitely a winner. They are equally capable throws. That being said, the Chief’s price is justified. It’s very different, very unique, and clearly worth the price. It’s CLYW’s biggest hit for a reason.


Yes, I think my Chief’s are my favorite throws! I have 2 of the 66 gram ones, 2 of the 7075’s and hopefully a 65 gram version when I can find one!

I was just wondering if it played similar bc I would def pick one up if they did! It looks alot like the Chief so that is why I was wondering.

Thank you =)


Cool! I don’t think they play that similarly to each other but I think the Musket is definitely worth picking up! :wink:


The Chief’s famous double rim gives it a weight distribution that’s visibly different just upon inspection. You can tell that they’re not going to play too much alike.

I’m very keen on the Musket! I for one am super glad when yoyos don’t play alike. For me, variety is the spice of life and I don’t like too much overlap in my collection.

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