Different CLYW Chief

Hi guys, I’ve not found a thread about this but here goes!
I’m thinking about buying my first chief after I bought a summit which is an awesome throw!
So would you guys share a little bit about the best chief from the heavy, 7075, pekka and other chiefs?

I love the lightest version the most. Even the small difference between the lighter and heavier is really noticeable when you’re playing with it. I’d go so far as to say the lighter version of the Chief is one of the best yoyos ever produced. Not that the heavier/other versions aren’t good but nothing compares to the light version of the Chief.

If you can get your hands on one, do it.

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So those lighter chief are limited run or something? If it is, then I should be hunting them in the BST :slight_smile:

I don’t know a whole lot about the specifics of the Chief but I believe there are more heavy run Chiefs out there than lighter run. So, that would make them a little more limited.

Somebody please correct me if I’m wrong. I think that’s right though.

Like, how do you know? Which runs are lighter or different? How many runs does the Chief have anyway?

First run Chiefs were lighter versions. There were light chiefs in other runs like 2nd and 3rd too, but i don’t know which colorways. Also,

Light Chief = 65g
Heavy = 66g
Petr Kavka Whale = 67g

I have owned one of each, and I liked the lightest the best. Just played better somehow, and felt more unique. Second favorite is Petr Kavka. 66g is my least favorite, though it’s still great.

I believe there has been 11 runs of the Chief, but I could be wrong.

I don’t know that I have a favorite Chief or Chief run. I have a gold first run and nostalgia makes me love it. I have a Pekka from whichever run the Pekka debuted, and I have a 7075. My honest opinion is that while the weight is a little different from Chief to Chief, they all play outstandingly well and the #1 thing you should do is buy whichever throw looks “coolest” to you. If you purchase a Chief you are aesthetically attracted to it will not let you down. That’s the truth.

I have owned a Silver 1st run at 65, Saskatoon Berry 3rd run? at 65, Ghost 3rd run? 65, Berry Berry (not sure on the run) 65, Hulk Smash 7075 68.4 and a Hulk Smash Fade 11th run 66. I like them all. The one I like the most for play is the 65 gram version. The 66 gram versions play a tad more solid but you can’t beat that zippy nimble feel of the 65.

The only run I am 100% on is the silver 1st run. I think the Berry Berry is the 6th or 7th run…

Actually, the heavy chief is the 67g one. The whale edition isn’t the only color way made in 67g

I have a 7075 Chief, and I love it. I think it feels a bit more solid and moves more definitively when I play with it. I’ve had a lot of Chiefs, and I think it’s my favorite by far.

I have a 1st run gold Chief and 2 normal runs. I really like the first run, but the normal runs are still great. I really want a 7075 one though.

Have only tried the regular and 7075 and prefer the 7075. Still feels great on the string but plays more stable.