All Chief Colorways by weight

So I have seen similar threads and have been very interested because there are SO many Chiefs runs, some have different weights. So if I could get some help from you guys and maybe we can make a thread that definitively says which Chief’s are which weights. I will put what I know and help would be greatly appriciated =).

65.2 Gram:
1st Run: Solid Gold, Solid Silver, Solid Blue
3rd Run: Blue Pearl, Silver Pearl, Minty Mint, Musket, Clareview, Dandielion, Buffalo Bob
5th Run: Ink Pot, Green Ghost
7th Run:Jack Rabbit, Latitude 53
6th Run: Elliot Jackson Ed, Black w Pink Speckles, Orange w Blue Speckles, Clareview Station, Alec Campbell Ed
Unknown Run (for now) Grassy Lake, Berry Berry

65.5 Grams: Current Run: Run 12th: Red w Clear Splash, Cryo, Hulk Smash, Pitch Black

66 Grams:
6th Run: Pekka Ed
7th Run:Mischief, Caribou Street Ed, Bronze w Pink Speckles, Black w Copper Speckles, Grey Bip Bop, Yoyo Rewind Ed, Hulk Smash (dark), Royal Blue w Red Speckles,Yogi
8th Run: Hulk Smash, Widowmaker, Broken Twill, Cryo
9th Run: Ash Berry, 28 Stories, Harrison Hurricane, Camp Caribou, Zip Zop, Matsuri
10th Run: Heavy Splash Clearview Station, Ninja Hurdles, Red Blizzard, Delirium Dive, Blizzard,
Purple/Clear, Blue Bip Bop
11th Run: Confetti, 28 Stories, Hulk Smash Fade, Space Blizzard, Concrete Blizzard, Fire Blizzard
CLYW Store Only: Electric Bacon

66.3 Grams:
2nd Run: Fire, Brown, Grey, Royal Bison, Gold Nugget, Halloween Palli Ed, Asteroid, Northern Lights, Foxy Moss
Unknown Run (for now)Cool Ghoul, Canadian Tuxedo, Red/Clear, Saskatoon Berry, Black w Green Speckles, Coppet Pot,Dewey Moss, Meterorite, Falcon Jab, Dragon, Pink Dragon, Double Dragon, Mint Wash

67.4 Gram: 5th Run: Petr Kavka Heavy Whale Chief

68.4 Gram:CLYW Store Only: 7075 Hulk Smask, 7075 Saskatoon Blizzard, 7075 Black Bip Bop

Will edit this when I get more info, looking up different runs right now so will edit when I know more =).


7075s are 68.4gms

Dewey moss, meteorite etc…

I think the kavkas are 67.4

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Are you saying there is a 66.3 gram run aswell as a 66 gram run? Which run (or colorways) are 66.3 so I can add that in there too? Thanks =).

Edit: Eventhough it says the Chief’s are 66.3 grams I am just going to keep them at 66 grams because that is what people know of them as. I thought it was a seperate run but you were just pointing out the weight is 66.3 grams exactly, not 66 grams. Thanks

If you’re making a complete list then list them
These are known to be 66.3

The following are 65.x gram, do not know what run each one is from and I’m too lazy to look up the blog entries on another store’s site right now to check

Buffalo Bob, Jack Rabbit, Latitude 53, Green Ghost, Grassy Lake, Inkpot

I’m assuming it’s weight is without bearing/axle right?

I think its the bearing and axle, its just what is described as the weight on the different Chief runs, like right now it says “66.3 grams” for this current run, if that makes sence

I was going to weight my Matsuri chief but I’m not sure if it should include the bearing and axle or not

This run Is 65.5

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Berry berrys are also 65

I think its third run

Most weights are the bearing/pads/axleincluded right? I would say yes, not just the 2 yoyo halves, like One drop says the weight with and without side effects so you can do the marh if you put another pair on but its not like you can play without tjem so its not really for any other reason i can think of.

If you weighef it that would be awesome.: ), going to update this when i get home

So this run is actually lighter, so my Cryo Chief actually is a “lighter” version, technically. So there is a 65.5 gram version (current run), and the 1st and 3rd runs (along with some other select colorways) are 65.2 grams.

So 65.5 grams is another weight then right? I know the last run is a 66.3 gram one, because I had a Confetti Chief and it was a 66 gram one.

Keep putting the colorways that you know and the weights and I will comtinue to do my own research =).

anyone know what run a Zach gormley chief is in?

I believe 6th/5th. Also, if you have one, PM me.

I am going to PM Chris, Im sure he will be able to help if he has time to that is =).

Only the unknown run is 66.3
All the other in that category is 66

Does that look better Mordo?


Also where did you get 65.2 from?

Wasn’t there a Adam Brewster edition 11th run Chief? I’m asking because I own one and I think it was part of the 11th run. <— Here it talks about the first run Chief, after the 2nd run, which they made 66 grams, the 3rd run they said was the same weight as the first run so 65.2 grams. Ill quote from it so everyone doesnt have to click the link…

he first run of the CLYW Chiefs are weighted at 65.2 grams. And now CLYW have released a teaser of what would be the 2nd run of CLYW Chiefs in a more fancy colorway of speckled, splash to acid wash. These are weighted at 66.3 grams. Not much of a difference in weight, but alot more choices in feel of play.

So actually the 2nd runs are 66.3 grams, so going to change that right now =)